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Lord Lawson of Beamish


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Coaching Information

Without the dedication of our voluntary coaching staff Birtley AC could not continue to produce the excellent performances throughout the year. Please read on if you are interested in our coaching structure, selection process or a list of current coaches.

Our Coaching Structure

Ages 7 – 11

Led by coaches who are qualified to deal with this very special age group, the sessions start and finish with a variety of team games with the emphasis on fun. The children learn activities of a general nature designed to improve balance, co-ordination and agility and are given a multi – event, pre-athletics experience leading to the fundamentals of the events proper. The children are awarded certificates/medals twice yearly (Junior Challenge and the Minor’s Trophy). There is limited competition for this age group and the children are encouraged to partake without pressure. The summer sessions take place on grass, in a safe environment, Winter sessions are held in the sports halls within the school.

Ages 12 – 15

This age group are offered a multi-event experience based on a run,jump and throw in line with the current policy. The athletes are offered event coaching on a rotational basis at the coaches discretion. This group takes part in all competitions relevant to age, distance etc. Access to grass, synthetic surfaces during the summer months and indoor sports hall and outdoor runs during the winter.

From Age 16+

This group usually have “specialised” and work with the appropriate event coach. Competition is available in all disciplines. Access to grass, synthetic surfaces during the summer. Access to grass, synthetic, roads, indoor sports hall, multi gym and fitness suite within the school at the discretion of the appropriate coach during the winter months.


Training and coaching appropriate to the event and competition, competition available in all disciplines. Access to surfaces as per the above age group.

Selection Procedure

In order to qualify for the selection process, the following procedure has been established. Criteria as follows:-
  • 1. Current and past performance
  • 2. Fitness and well being
  • 3. Attitude
  • 4. Reliability
  • 5. Potential
  • 6. Points
The selection panel will consist of two relevant coaches plus either of the Junior club captains. The aim of this procedure is to ensure the well being of ALL the athletes and to give equal opportunities to everyone.

Our coaches

Level 3 Coaches.

    • Tommy Millmore:- Endurance
    • Ed Lown:- Youth Awards (All Events 8-15) & Sprints
    • Tommy Quigley:- Speed
    • Graeme Reid:- Strength and Throws

Level 2 Coaches.

      • Pam Bradshaw
      • Gary Curtis

Level 1 Coaches.

      • Fiona Hopkins
      • Christine Pearson
      • Sarah Murray
      • Steve Brown

Assistant Coaches.

      • Rob Wilson

Qualified Officials.

      • Margaret Hopkinson Field – Grade 3
      • Joanne Newby Field – Grade 1
      • Shannel Curtis Field – Grade 1
All coaches and officials have been CRB checked as a condition of holding the relevant license.


Upcoming Events

all-day Northern XC Championships @ Harewood House, Leeds
Northern XC Championships @ Harewood House, Leeds
Jan 27 all-day
Northern XC Championships @ Harewood House, Leeds | Harewood | England | United Kingdom
Please let either Shannel Curtis at club (via sign-up sheet on noticeboard) or Val Baxter via email (address above) know by 11th January if you wish to enter this competition. Details can be downloaded by[...]