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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by leem

January 3, 2011

Fund raising efforts from the boot of a car

If you thought Birtley AC was just about training Tuesday’s and Thursdays with the occasional race then think again. A lot of time and effort goes in behind the scenes by club members aiming to organise and improve the club for you. Birtley AC is run purely on a voluntary base, so you would think there would be very little running costs? Wrong. Costs for equipment, hiring of facilities, transport to races etc go into the thousands annually and the club has to find the money from somewhere. Some comes from annual/nightly subs, grants and fundraising events. After over two years of hard work from Ed, Vince and Sam the signing of the lease for the land adjacent to Lord Lawson School is immanent. It is now that every penny counts to help the clubs quest for improved training facilities. These facilities will go on to benefit the health of the pupils of Lord Lawson School, Birtley community and the community of Gateshead for years to come. In the past the club has organised events such as a sponsored balloon race, super market bag packs, unique events like the coast to coast relay and the Edinburgh to Birtley relay. More recently Margaret Hopkinson, Ed Lown, Vince Taylor and Alison Hopkins have given up their Sunday morning lie ins to man a stall at a car boot sale, selling items kindly donated by club members. This has been a great success and another is planned for later in the year. So how can you help? If you are not already involved any help is appreciated. Help like, donating items or manning a car boot sale, ideas for and supporting future fund raising events, coming along and supporting Birtley AC athletes while competing or competing yourself, writing an article for the website, suggest Birtley AC to friends. The Evening Chronicle make a wish campaign is printing tokens until January the 15th so there’s still time to collect as every token will be exchanged for a slice of £50k. There are many ways to help and if you can think of think of any please tell us. Enthusiasm and passion are invaluable. Giving words of encouragement to an athlete or a thank you to a coach can go a long way.    2011 will be an exciting time for Birtley AC and the local community. The potential can’t be measured and it’s through your help that the roots of Birtley AC will be able to spread allowing our club to grow and strengthen its already respected standing.

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10:15 am Birtley Junior XC Relays @ Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy
Birtley Junior XC Relays @ Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy
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