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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

December 10, 2013

Brian’s marathon diary – week 4

Week 4 and I can feel a change……………pain!! Yep, I have run regularly for a month now, and I am officially wrecked!! I have been trying to swim as an alternative form of exercise, but swimming isn’t my thing. I cannot swim distance doing crawl, so have been doing breast stroke, and can only think that has been my problem. This week I wanted to put myself on the waiting list for a new hip….ouch!! I ran Tuesday at the club when we did the parlaufs, and swam Wednesday; Thursday hurt too much and I dropped out after the warm up, and I haven’t run since!!!

I did intend running on Saturday, but had to go down to Leeds for Adrian to run in a University race (cross country relay), and had chores to do when I came home. Sunday morning I was going to run but chose the easier option of watching Lydia in Belgrade. After watching the European Championships on TV, I just didn’t have the desire to go out and run. AND it was pointed out that I still had the cloakroom to finish, so out I went, up to Sacriston to watch Mark’s futbaaaal team. Then home to start my chores.

An interesting thing on Friday evening, Ian Bloomfield came round to see me. Ian has run, cannot remember if he said 40 or 60 marathons, and every one of them has been under 3 hours. He sat with Linda and me and told us some very interesting tales about his running career. He has run all over the world, represented England for the first time at age 32, and at age 43 captained the England marathon team. I think I am too old for that to happen to me now.

He told us also of another friend to Birtley AC, David Lowes who runs the BMC in the North East, and was saying that David had been very unlucky to not get to the Moscow Olympics……..injury preventing him. I am hoping that I will see Ian again maybe in the New Year, and he can help me draw up a proper training plan, tailored to my requirements as opposed to the generic schedule I have downloaded from the web. It is funny though when you have been running for a long time, how many people you get to know, Ian and I must have had a dozen mutual friends, yet we had never previously met.

I am not sure what I intend doing this week, will start tonight with a run and see how it goes. I don’t expect there to be much this week at the club cos it is North Easterns at the weekend. Will just have to see and maybe start again.

I am disappointed, I have been running long enough to know not to overdo it, and I know all about the 10% rule (not to increase by more than 10% at a time) – need to think again about what I am doing :(


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