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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

June 3, 2014

Brian’s Blog

Had a canny week this week. A bank holiday at the front end, and a couple of pleasant social runs over the weekend. I had a day out with Linda on the Monday, a nice little stroll round York which is a change cos normally when I leave the house it is either to go to work or for a run.

Tuesday was a nice little run up the line toward Ouston, felt good enough. Wednesday I had a massage. The therapist said my adductors were a lot better, but the IT band was very tight, and so as in every good story there is a good guy and a bad guy. In this story I am the good guy and the nasty massage therapist who really hurt me is the bad guy!!!! Ouch!!!

Tell you what though, I do believe that massage is a very important part of my training, actually an essential part of my training. I would say if you get the opportunity to have a massage, and you are actually training for a specific event, take the opportunity they do pay dividends. But after the massage you need to compliment it with proper after care so as not to waste the effort. I wish I practised what I preach!!

Following the massage Thursdays run hurt much less. The thing is massage will ease tension in muscles and flush them out, but they don’t improve your fitness. So, yes I felt much better running, but no I wasn’t any quicker. Moving on to Saturday, I did Gibside park run donned a pair of shorts, and ran loads better than I have for a while. Maybe that is part of the problem. I have always trained in tracksters, and raced in shorts. Seemed a lot better in shorts maybe I need to be wearing my shorts more often. I have a canny pair of legs, although I did hear someone say they couldn’t bend wire that shape. :\

The park run did make me feel good, or better, about my running, I actually raced, for the first time in possibly almost a year, I actually raced, as opposed to running; I managed to run away from two other runners, and chased a further two down so finished in my highest placing yet (4th, but only out of 40 odd). But without getting overly ambitious I am feeling better about the Blaydon races. But before that, tomorrow (probably be today by the time Val gets this published, but I mean Monday 2nd June if you read it later in the week)(Or even yesterday since I’m a bit rubbish – Val) I am going to have my first venture into the vets league for 2014. See if the marathon has robbed me of my gazelle-like majesty on the track, at which point all spectators will gasp realisation that “awwww wow look that must be where Adrian gets it from”. 😉

So happy running to you all, and we will have two cars at Blaydon, so if anyone needs a lift home, just holler!


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