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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 4, 2014

Brian’s marathon musings

Must be week 8 then?

I was talking to a running friend on New Year’s Eve and in a way he was trying to motivate me, and challenging me to increase my mileage. He said I should try to run as many miles as drinks I have in a week. I ran 13 miles that afternoon with Dave Cleugh…didn’t half wake up with a headache the next day!!!

I ran 13 miles on New Year’s Eve, with Dave Cleugh, we did the 8 mile route round Beamish woods, and finished off by running home, all downhill. This was appreciated running downhill as the miles racked up, weariness had set in, so running up the hill would have been a real chore!

24 miles on the bike on New Year’s Day with Jim Francis which was good. It was a nice day for a ride when we started and we met at the Shepherd and Shepherdess, and proceeded to hit as many hills as was possible by just cycling one loop after another. Good training, and hard work; I was glad the excess of celebrations had passed us by. After about 2 hours we arrived at the coffee house at Tanfield railway. Curiously the cafe was full with 40ish people who had all gone together, and there was a queue waiting for a table.

We had intended the last hill to be up the back behind the railway, used to be part of the Derwentside 10. On suffering the disappointment of not getting a nice cup of coffee to warm us (now raining heavy and cold) we took the easier option of cycling to Kip Hill, and then up to the Hill Top. This was when I started to benefit, to meet Jim I had to cycle uphill from Chester le Street, so leaving Jim all I had to do was cycle downhill to home, however it was all downhill from Dipton to Beamish so his journey home…bad luck Jim. Then a visit to a local hostelry to watch the match with Adrian.

Ran with Dave again today (Jan 2nd Thursday). I know he is training for a half marathon. Got to try not to overcook his training, I am starting to get quite selfish now. I am running as much as I can, and Dave is the willing partner who is coming to most of my sessions. Long runs that is, as opposed to “Tommy sessions”. We were ably supported by Dave’s lad…Matty, who came along on his bike. We had a canny run, must have been about 9 miles by the finish. We headed off towards Blunderland on the cycle track, we ran almost 4 miles to the foot bridge where the half dozen or so houses were, and then we crossed the bridge to run back on the other side of the river.

Now I know that the other side brings you out on the other side of the Fatfield/Penshaw bridge. At this point I can only imagine Michelle told Dave where to run, because two blokes and a switched on kid would never get lost would they? Well for reasons unknown we veered off the track, and ended up lost, and we all know don’t we……to get lost there needs to be a woman and an upside down map!!!! Anyway, Dave said he had some beer on the bench in the kitchen, and we used our natural homing device, and we locked on to “beer” and made it back home safely. Made it home in time to finish my chores before Linda came home from work…job’s a good’un!

I must say I am starting to really get into this running malarkey, when you have time to run, there is nothing more refreshing than running, in the winter sunshine. I think Dave had a lesson/dawning of realisation, came out in shorts at 2pm but I tell you what it may be sunny, but it gets cold quickly, starting about 2:30-3:00ish; got to keep the muscles warm cos when you tire and slow down, the sweat from when you started just about freezes on you!

Friday I was to run alone, so to motivate myself went to town with Adrian and we bought ourselves some new running shoes (well my trainers had become dirty running through the woods at Beamish). Now I reckon this is evidence that I am progressing, I took them out for a run, and just kept wanting to put a loop on and didn’t want to finish the run. I did have to however as I didn’t have my keys with me and Adrian was going to work. I managed to fit a 5 1/2 mile loop in though and enjoyed it!

Saturday I ran the Chester le Street Riverside parkrun with some special lads, and a couple of canny lasses. I was full of good intentions, I ran to the park, and then did the parkrun and was planning on running home. The occasion was to complete a challenge started before Christmas when Paul and his mate attempted to run 12 parkruns in a day. It ended after 11 runs when Paul collapsed with exhaustion. As he had been sponsored for the challenge (tiny lives at the RVI) he felt that as the RVI had stopped him from completing, he should return to complete the 12th run, so we all turned out to do the last one together.

After the run we stood round talking for so long I froze and stiffened up, so I asked a passing fairy to drop me off on her way home. Thanks for that, it took me about an hour to warm up even after a hot shower.

The fairy is the one in stripey tights (just in case you were wondering...)

The fairy is the one in stripey tights (just in case you were wondering…)

Including the bike this diary page has covered almost 60 miles, that sounds more like a marathon training week 😉

I think next weeks entry may be a begging letter as I try to find a space to put my cardboard box in the centre of London when there are about 56,000 athletes and runners trying to find accommodation (plus spectators).

See yous all at the club on Tuesday 7th January


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