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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

October 28, 2014

Down but not out…

Well it is three weeks today since my accident and I don’t feel any better, maybe even worse. My injuries are according to my consultant ‘significant’ and that term does give cause for alarm. The last observation I had revealed there are 4 broken bones; however initially I was told the cuboid bone which is the bone at the bottom of the arch was crushed, but on Saturday at the Sherman cup I was speaking to a lady from Durham AC and she said that hers had been broken, but she was running again (didn’t ask how long it took).

I am now to visit hospital weekly for checks as they monitor the repair, that is if it is repairing. I have facebooked the pictures of my shin, I won’t put them on here in case any of the bairns are squeamish, but it is one of the two major concerns the consultant has shared with me. The skin is dead, and probably going to require a skin graft. Just google skin graft and see if you would like one, bet the answer is no!!! I don’t think it will be as bad as the web says as they suggest skin will be taken from the neck or behind the ear. That hurts thinking about it, however I am told for me they will take skin from the top of my leg. He did also tell me that the donating area will actually take longer to heal, and will be more sore than the injured area. All in all not very pleasant.

The other concern is my metatarsal. I wasn’t too bothered about that as it is known as the footballers break. Generally a low energy break, caused by either a kick, or being stood on. No problem to me, I could never claim to be a footballer. The thing is, a 6 1/2 ton trailer cannot be classed as low energy. Apparently my second metatarsal has been broken in 4 or 5 places, well the consultant says it ‘may heal straight’ but I am not betting on it!

The heel bone is broken, but my lower leg isn’t, (tibia and fibula). But as I am sitting writing this, (watching ‘Man of Steel’ and wishing I was…..) I have a dull toothache in my heel and tibia, that is telling me this is going to take a while.

The police came last Friday for a statement, while there he said I could call in at the station any time to recover my bike, he seemed to think I could just go along with a carrier bag and pick up what was left of it!!

Position I am in now, next appointment is on Thursday, and this time will be a skin check and an x-ray to see how the metatarsal is mending. The consultant has said it will be at least 6 months probably 12 before I even think about running again. At my age that is a long time and could mark the end of my time as an athlete. Maybe fishing is to be the sport for me. I have read some good athletics articles though, so the interest is still there, maybe when I can actually place my foot on the ground that will be encouraging for me.

I am sitting in the house with my leg up all day, but trying to get round if I can scrounge lifts from people. I have been lucky so far in as much as I managed to fulfil my commitment to parkrun, and made it to the Sherman cup. Also generally getting to the club so I can see people and get some fresh air, thanks to Adrian for that. This weekend I am hoping to go to Mansfield with him for the national x-country relays. Didn’t make it to Sheffield, that was a lesson that day. Overdid things on the Friday and my toes were sticking out the bottom of my cast like mini black puddings. I just sit round now. :) There were a lot of people at South Shields wishing me well, that was nice, and plenty volunteers to carry my chair to various vantage points, so thanks for the help everyone.


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