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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

May 8, 2015

I am on my way back :)

Well it is about 8 months now since that horrible day when the lorry re shaped my foot. There are all sorts of things happened since then that make running these days a chore for me. Running isn’t just about being fit, it is a state of mind, a habit, possibly even an addiction, and when you are forced to stop, it is actually quite traumatic. I run for a whole host of reasons, I enjoy the competition and the social side which is why I still attend races even when not supporting Adrian. As well as that, running is a great way of releasing pent up stresses and tensions it helps clear the mind, and I actually reckon that running/exercise is one of the best ways of losing weight, beaten only by stress, which in the past has worked best of all for me. Since October 7th 2014, I have actually gained 2 stone in weight, and I am not at the right age for regaining my best weight.

It is quite strange now that the Physio who is treating me has got to know me quite well since January and has suggested that I possibly haven’t realised how serious the injury to my foot has been, even to the point she has asked me to take counselling. I have refused the counselling, yet as time passes and I start to recover, it is strange that I look back and seem to realise that the injury has been mental as well as physical.

In my last appointment at the Physio, she kind of gave me an ultimatum. I was in a quandary – didn’t know if I even wanted to run, but then that is where being part of a club pays off. I spoke to several people and they all encouraged me to give it another try. So the Physio told me either to find another hobby, or to ‘man up’ and get out on the roads. The next week I was to work in Harrogate and that would be my opportunity. I made the decision to take my running shoes and tracksters etc with me and travelled down with a colleague. We chatted in the car travelling down and it turned out he had his running gear with him also so he could run with me, but that was never going to happen. Part of what the Physio said was run on your own, don’t worry about how you look or how fast you run, no-one will know you, and that was my plan. Like I said earlier, it isn’t just about being fit, it is a state of mind. You have to really want to do it, and also get back into the habit of coming home and going running before tea. That was why I had left it till I went to Harrogate, it was going to be an enforced change in my routine, however I had to explain to my colleague that it was necessary for me to run on my own, probably I wouldn’t be able to either keep up with him, or run as far as him.

It was amazing. After the first day at work, I walked home and straight away I changed ready for my first run in 7 months. Before I left I posted on Facebook, I had to make the commitment and let people know I intended to run, then there would be no bottling it. I walked to the Westpark on the edge of Harrogate town centre, and decided to run round the huge field. The field was probably a mile right round the edge. Generally my foot felt ok at first, but wow, how fat did I feel, and as for my lungs, I just couldn’t breathe aaarghhhh!! I ran along one side of the park, then realised how much of everything I had lost. I had no style or technique to my running, it was just like slamming my feet into the ground one in front of the other, very uncomfortable, in fact so uncomfortable that when I spotted a path across the Middle of the park I realised how unfit I was and jumped at the opportunity to take a shortcut.

Then although it felt like my foot was cracking down the middle from my toes to ankle, after completing my shortened lap, my conscience pricked me and I pushed myself onto a second lap. I got round in about 11 minutes, and walked back to the hotel, and plotted on map my run, (I had purposely not taken my Garmin or a stopwatch) really surprised that I had managed to run 1.2 miles albeit slowly, but without stopping.

That evening I took pictures of my swollen ankles and e mailed to the Physio who said well done for controlling my eagerness and running sensibly, ok to try again. So, I did the same the next evening, which was actually a bit easier. Mind it was easier, but just cos I had a bit more confidence in my foot cos don’t forget I still have a broken bone in my foot. Next day walking to work, the sole of my foot ached badly. That night I made an effort again, but this time I could hardly run, my thighs were burning……… I am now officially sooooo unfit!!

When I returned from Harrogate I gave myself a rest, didn’t run Friday, and carried out my parkrun duties Saturday, but in traditional harrier style, did my long run on Sunday……. 1.4 miles. It felt good, it was hard, but for my fourth run, made me feel more like there was a habit forming. I didn’t run again till Wednesday. I went to Jarrow to watch Adrian run, but he didn’t cos he was doing BUCS at the weekend, so I did 4 laps of the old track with Chloe. Thursday I had company for my run so thought I should give it a good go and try to increase the mileage. Thanks for the company, but I think I did too much that day, so did no more till Sunday.

Sunday I ran 1 1/2 miles, but managed better, I think I am going to manage this running malarkey, but it’s just going to take a long time, and I cannot be rushing it. Hope to manage a parkrun in June, I will let yous know if it happens. (not saying when in June mind)


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