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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

October 12, 2014

I wonder if there is such a thing as unlucky…

…or if it is just careless or ‘didn’t think??

I have worked hard for about a year now with my running, but have had some bad luck in the same period. I started October-ish last year training for the London marathon, it went quite well, but I did have some health issues that affected me at the beginning of this year. I changed my diet and carried on training, got through it. Then after the marathon in April I rested for a couple of weeks and started again training, looking for a decent Blaydon Race. Ha ha, guess what, June 9th morning I woke up with a sore toe. I had been training hard and wasn’t going to let a sore toe stop me. Anyway, I started the race, favoured the toe, and favoured it so much that I ended up tearing my deep calf muscle. (Soleus).

Then, after 2 months recovery I started running again and training for the Redcar half marathon which I did comfortably. I had introduced a new element in my training. I had started (been enforced) to cycle to and from work. Made a great difference to me with my fitness, but ultimately has been my undoing! I ran Redcar and felt really good in my time, and felt I could improve on it, and was looking forward to a good ‘Brass Monkey’ in York January. Working hard with training and every trip to or from work becoming a time trial, cos I have a goal in mind.

How circumstances change, and so easily overnight.

On Tuesday this week, I was travelling home from work on the bike, same time and same route I always use. This time was different, this time there was a lorry at the roundabout in Gatesheed. Got to be careful what I say here for legal reasons. Anyway somehow I ended up lying in the road under the lorries wheels. Get the picture??

Tell ya what mind it was heavy. In fact so heavy, that it snapped my pedal! I was taken to the QE in an ambulance. Former club parent Steve Todd (21 yr old Louise Todds dad) was on hand to drag me off the road, cheers Steve, and call the ambulance and police. I didn’t make it to the running club this Tuesday. Anyway, I went to hospital, Linda and lads came to be with me, I was up to the eyeballs with morphine, and managed to get them to let me home. (Probably shouldn’t have, but I am a terrible patient, even been called ‘crabby’ today). The x-Ray showed a broken bone in my foot, really at this point I am glad to be alive (seriously, that wasn’t just put in to be dramatic).

Times like this it is good to be part of a club or association. It is the club spirit that pulls you together and makes you feel better and supported. Loads of well wishes on Facebook and 2 get well cards. Woo hoo I am popular. :). Seriously though I have been in an awful lot of pain.

The Wednesday morning was horrible sickly feelings and a throbbing foot, I got through the day, and Thursday was better. On Friday morning the hospital rang, they had looked at my x-Rays and said they wanted me to go back next week. When I told them I was hurting, they had me straight back up for a check. Straight away they were talking operations… That was better than Tuesday though, the Paramedics told the attending policeman I could lose my foot!!! They hadn’t told me that. I was put straight in plaster (been in a moon boot til now) and admitted to a ward. You see this is where being an irritating little so and so has its advantages. Cos within an hour they were trying to progress me through their system.


I have had a CAT scan now, and I have now 4 broken bones in my foot. The bones I suspect will repair, one maybe not so well as it is crushed not broken, but the mental bit will take some getting over to have the confidence to run on them. I am concerned I have to say.

Anyway sorry for the next couple weeks, may not be a blog cos I won’t have any running tales to tell, unless you want to hear about the course of injections and my progress on my road to recovery.

Thank you to Nurse Lucy for saving the district nurse from coming out every day to jab me.


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