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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

March 24, 2014

Is there a doctor in the house?

Still struggling this week, it is getting a bit of a concern. I worry now that I peaked too early when I ran the 18 miles so well. Hence the question ‘is there a doctor in the house’. I need somebody with a big Elastoplast, to help repair my shattered confidence.

The 18 miles I ran the other week was started very steadily, hampered by a very strong head wind. The wind held us back considerably, which meant we ran very well returning to base. The thing is, I cannot seem to get the pace right. For example, I ran on Monday, 10 miles, no two miles the same, and probably 90 seconds between fastest and slowest. So bad I thought the Garmin was broken…still not sure!

Tuesday was club night, and I ran a good 6 or 7 miles, I felt very good running the pace I settled at. Wednesday I rested, still struggling with my ‘little issues’. I suspect it is because I am not eating half a buffalo every day, but I just have a little dinky stomach, it doesn’t want a lot of food rammed into it. Thursday, I ran with Ruth, a typical Ruth run, as a lot of it was into the wind. That is her trade mark when picking routes!. We did fine though managed a respectable pace and felt good for it.

Friday was nothing, I was going to run through the day, but instead, being the nice bloke I am, I took Adrian out for his lunch then had a massage, after carrying out parental duties (repair no 2 sons car for mot) and house husband chores like tidying up while Linda was at work.

Saturday was Harrier league at Wrekenton. Last one of the season. I wasn’t going to run it cos I was doing 20 with Ruth next day. Rather than lie in bed all day, I got up and helped set the course out. Ruth was running her first race from the fast pack, so I went back to watch that race and the senior men’s race. Enjoyed them both, Ruth did very well, and Lisa also, Lisa ran herself into the fast pack for next season, and along with Tracy and Lorna, the girls won their division and promotion. The senior men’s race equally good to watch, so pleased to see Adrian finish fourth from the medium pack, and on reflection, he was 8th fastest out of 437.

Sunday was a hard run, 20 miles! It started badly when the Garmin didn’t start to work on GPS until almost 3 miles. The route we had planned worked well and we were doing so well we even put a loop on in Lumley, but once we got down to Chester park it started getting hard. We were going to run along the A167 and then loop round Waldridge and back, but I think Ruth took pity on me and we did a couple laps round the park to build up the miles. The park was much flatter.

When we were running back, Ruth must have turned a corner ahead of me and I missed it, so I did an additional lap of the park. Then when running back I bumped into former Birtley AC member Dave Ballantyne, who geed me up and got me going again. Then just after seeing Dave I saw Keith Robertshaw, who was flying, incorporating a speed session into his long run. Stuff I can only dream of (nightmares). At the end of the day, I was out running for 2 hrs 50minutes, my longest run yet, but I still don’t know how far it was. Shall we just agree among ourselves that it was at least 20??

I have learned a bit again today, I think the gels are making a difference when I am running, but I have to start eating more. I have lost 1 1/2 stones now, and have been called a lot of things recently, the nicer ones being ‘skinny’ and ‘gaunt’ so I need to sort that. I think it is actually starting to affect me, so much running, and so little food. Keith has chatted to me about it tonight, and I promise I am going to start eating better. Incidentally I am still off all forms of alcohol, hope that you appreciate that effort. Appointment Tuesday, then I can tell Ruth if it is or isn’t all in my head. :)

Everything else seems to be going as well as can be expected. I have written an article for the charity website, makes me feel quite a celebrity when people ask me for an ‘interview’. Even if nobody does read it!

Well here’s to another week off work and a few more miles. Let’s hope Tuesday is good news and we can continue the preparation…this time in 3 weeks it will all be over. Like I said earlier in the blog, I hope I will have finished the race, and it won’t have finished me!!

If you haven’t sponsored me, please feel my pain, and make it worthwhile. Let someone benefit, it is really a good cause, and they are wonderful people doing a great job.


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  • Author's Avatar baxter March 24, 2014 at 10:45 am

    Sounds like Brian could do with some encouragement this week - has everyone sponsored him?

  • Author's Avatar ian March 24, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    you will be fine Brian. Every confidence , chill !!!


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