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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

February 9, 2014

Making It Count

Week number…..whatever you want it to be! I am told I have 9 weeks, that was through the week when I was getting bullied into running, but hey ho!

Monday was a day away with work, and my plan was to get there and then run before dinner. That didn’t happen as when I registered at the accommodation they told me I  had to go straight for dinner as they stopped serving in the restaurant, so that prevented me running Monday. Tuesday was travelling back, and I didn’t get back until 20 past 8.  It hadn’t been a good journey so I just slumped in a chair and didn’t run that night either.After being bullied by many on Wednesday, I ran straight from work.

It was one of those situations where if I didn’t go straight out, and made it to the settee then I was in for the night.  I planned a route when I was getting changed and off I went on my 9 or 10 mile run. I ran round to Rickleton, down to St George’s church up the other side Bonemill lane right up to Picktree,  then left down to the motorway roundabout and up to Northlands roundabout.  

Now at this point I was feeling good, and remember I am doing 9  miles. I turned left and put a loop on to make it further, down to bottom of Chester le Street and back to motorway roundabout  and up to Northlands again, then home via Barley Mow roundabout. That has to be a good 10 miles…nope less than an hour later and the Garmin said 7.3 miles. I can  only imagine the battery was getting low and the timer was slow, and goodness knows how the distance was so wrong … The army use the same satellites to direct their missiles!!!  Hope their batteries are better charged. 

Thursday was a lamppost session, which I didn’t enjoy, but Ruth said I had run over 6 1/2 miles and a lot of that was working hard so still a useful session. Ruth made sure I get home safe and sound, but didn’t accompany me all the way to the door, so it is her fault that I tripped over the yellow post outside the door and just about snapped my lower leg. It really really hurt and oh, how they laughed!!

Friday was my day off and I had a meeting to attend, and a massage booked in the afternoon. The massage was delayed, so I went for a run with Chris from the hub.  He took me cross country for 80 minutes and I was shattered at the end of it. Then just when you really want it, a quick text and my massage was cancelled…grrrr!  

Saturday morning I was lying in bed aching and made the decision then I didn’t want to race. You have to listen to your body, and mine was screaming  “leave me alone am knackered” But I did go to the Harrier league to support my mates in the race, and apart from that if I hadn’t gone who would have written the race report??

Sunday was a big day for me. Had to do my long run. This time Ruth ran to the edge of my estate to get her miles in, and then we set off to do my 16 miler from two weeks ago. We had a good run together, to Pity Me roundabout, the loop round Framwellgate Moor and then back along the A167.

Today’s run was a first timer for me as I was carrying an energy gel with me. This is the stage in my programme that I need to start taking stuff with me to rehydrate and put sugars back in. Never done that before. Anyway I ran 16 and managed to get Ruth to run back with me to my house, but agreed to take her home in the car. If you ask her I reckon she will tell you she did 18 and I really appreciate her doing the extra 2. It had been windy in our faces all the way out, and as always happens when I run, when we turned back didn’t the wind change direction randomly. Ruth had said that she felt we had run constantly up long drags and into the wind so it was a hard..ish run, and when I got home and checked the Garmin, I was 10 minutes faster than last time (hmmm, I notice when he’s FASTER the Garmin can do no wrong 😉 Editor).  

When talking after the run it turns out that Ruth is more than a couple years younger than me, mmmmmm I hope she hasn’t guessed my age too high!! Also when we were talking about the run, it occurred to us that she had been practising running yesterday at Wrekenton, and I didn’t practise yesterday, so that was probably why she ran better than me  :). 

So for all you avid followers (both of you) I am pleased to announce I have now done 16 miles in sub 8 minute miles pace. That is a canny pace for me that I am happy with, but putting this all into context, I took 2 hours and 6minutes for those 16 miles, and still will have to run another 10 at the same pace in April.   That is a big ask, but I intend to try.

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