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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

February 3, 2014

Making progress?

Given up counting the weeks now…….I have had a canny week this week not arf put some miles in. Monday, although I mentioned this in last weeks entry, I did a good paced 7 miler with Lee and Dave Coulson.  Tuesday was club night and a hill session. Wednesday was a ‘bye bye’ to a  friend so I couldn’t run but Thursday made up for it.  

I was off work, so decided to run in daylight and get my long one in instead of a club speed session. A long run?  Tell you what by the time I got right out, I am sure I have had holidays closer to home when I was young.  (I know you all think I am still young, but I meant when I was a bairn).  I ran from my house to the Barley Mow hostelry and then head south towards Chester le Street. Second exit at Northlands roundabout then at the roundabout heading south all the way to Pity Me roundabout.  N

Now, if I had returned from there it would have been my 12.8 mile route from last week, but I have to start increasing the miles, so a left turn there down to the next roundabout and then a right turn there,  straight up the road past the fire station , past The Salutation pub, past Linda’s mate Mandy’s house, and up to the roundabout at Sniperley (junction of A167 and road to Lanchester and Durham County Hall) from that roundabout, back on to the A167 and along past Fram College to Pity Me roundabout, and then retrace my track back home.  That was 16.3 long hard miles!  

I did enjoy the run, but had been to a meeting with my mate, representing the club, assisting organising a run in Birtley for the community and a local charity.  That meant I was up at the crack of 10 to 9 and there weren’t any bacon sandwiches available at the meeting so when I got out for my run, I was hungry after 5 miles, and as a result, I was ill when I got home, and wrecked.  Never mind, it was my first longer run and it will I am told get easier.  Now I am going to have to learn to eat the right amount and long enough before I run.  

Friday was a visit to Kathryn, for what is now becoming my weekly massage, that is when she straightens out the knots in my legs, and prepares me for the hard weekend that is also becoming a weekly thing.  (Weekends have always been weekly, I meant weekends of miles and miles).

Saturday, so as not to forget my roots, cos now I am a marathon runner, I volunteered at Saltwell Park run. My role was to pace the run for anyone to follow who was wanting to do 25minutes.  Did a canny job cos it isn’t easy to guess the pace you are running, I was only 14seconds too fast, no room for complaint there. Then I went home and ran another 6.5 miles. I wish I had run another 16.3 cos when I got home I showered and went to the pub to watch the derby.  Wish I had just kept running!!!

Ruth responded to my invitation to run with me on Sunday. I ran to meet her at Chester le Street. We met at the market place and ran north through Birtley to Low Fell. Turned round just before reaching  the old college and ran back. Well you can tell Ruth is a couple years younger than me cos she had me wrecked by the time we turned back (or maybe I am just not as good a runner as her……but I am sure she is a couple years my junior and that will be the reason).  We picked up the pace on the way back, but I only managed to Birtley and sent her on her way, I was holding her up.

I had a big cooked breakfast 2 hours before running, and that made the beginning ‘uncomfortable’ and at least I wasn’t ill at the end, but I was really dehydrated. Gonna have to work on my preparation with food and drink as the runs get longer.  T

The thing is though now that the Brass Monkey is behind me, I do feel like I am actually starting to be a marathon runner in the making, maybe not a good one, but the main thing is that I finish the race and it doesn’t finish me!!! Reckon I have done about 50 miles this week…impressed?

I wonder if we put a hit counter on these pages how many people do actually read them?  Post a comment, or give us a shoot at the club – see if am wasting mine and Val’s time.


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  • Author's Avatar baxter February 3, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Watch this space for details of how to donate to Brian's chosen charity If U Care Share

  • Author's Avatar Chris Cowie February 3, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    Special effort next time to get you the bacon sandwich, anything else you would like. Could stretch to free smoke alarms


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