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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

September 1, 2014

Progress at last!

Well I am starting to get some sort of fitness back now, and starting to enjoy my running a bit more again. I have run two 5k races in the last fortnight, and found the second one was much easier than the first, a sign of progress, and done a couple of park runs as well and it is all starting to fall into place for me. Having said that, I reckon a 10k and it will all fall apart again :(

I am still cycling to and from work most days, I thought that would have had a bigger impression on my running; I seem to be getting fitter on the bike but not necessarily running any faster. The diet is now 7 weeks old, and I do feel better for that, especially grateful that there hasn’t been a gout recurrence, cos that is most unpleasant!! Blood test is due in two weeks’ time then we will see where we go from there eh??

It is starting to get round to my favourite time of year for training; I always feel like I train harder and better during the dark nights, and they aren’t that far away…..
Juniors will be preparing to go back to school, and parents settling back to normality. I always think that although as GCSE’s and stuff come round they do get tired, they always benefit from having routine when they go back to school. It is easier to work hard in training sessions when it isn’t too hot.

The Harrier league is getting closer too, I am hoping to compete in that this year, mind I had intended to do the vets league this year, and didn’t compete in any of the meetings. I did actually run in the 5K trail race vets championship, alongside Dave Coulson and Pedro; that was the one where Val won her age group and became the NEMAA 5K trail champion, well done Val! (Politely refrains from telling you all which age group she is in, but as a clue….she is a few years older than me.)

The next big event is the Great North Junior run, which this year won’t have Lydia winning, she has moved out of the junior age group, but hasn’t fancied the longer race the following day this year. There will be lots of junior runners, some running for places and some running for charities, but hopefully all enjoying themselves, and no doubt showing the region what a great club we are.

The following day will be the main event, again there will be a good representation from Birtley AC, some first timers, some charity runners, and some out to beat last years’ time. I do know of a couple of athletes who have worked hard and will be trying to get a PB this year, good luck and I hope you all have a great day. Not forgetting the members who will be manning the finishing funnels, lets hope it stays dry for you all :) It is a shame for those who have entered and had to withdraw due to injuries or work commitments.

My main event is on 28th of September, along with 3 or 4 other members, the not so fortunate who didn’t get in the GNR. We are travelling to Redcar for the Redcar half marathon. I am now trying to cram 6 weeks training into 2 weeks. I know it isn’t possible, but I am hoping for a decent run at Redcar; I have run 12 miles, but it wasn’t fast!! I know I can run the distance, but have to be realistic. Things haven’t been good for me this year, so if I can manage 1:45 I will be pleased. Will let you know nearer the time if my target changes, but probably wont tell you if I dont achieve the target.

Anyway, last BLOG spoke of Conna Carruthers who was running really well, but, this weeks hero? I think Val fits the bill. In the last 5 weeks or so she has improved her 5k time by a 1min 14sec across three 5k races and 2 park runs, knocked 3 minutes off her 10k time at Darlington, and in her last 5k won the North East vets championship on the trail, round Watergate Park. Here is a big gold star for Val this week for effort and results. star
Wonder what she does in GNR…(no pressure there then 😉 – Val)

So, enjoy the peace when the kids go back to school, that should give you more training time, lets look forward to some good x country races through the winter, but before all that, good luck to you all in The North Runs.

Good luck everyone at the weekend.

If you know anyone who needs a mention for a good period of results or performances, let me know and we will give them a proverbial pat on the back :)


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