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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

June 5, 2014

Quote: “surely you haven’t developed some sense….”

Well it didn’t happen the way I had wanted to, but there were two track meetings on this Monday. Opposite ends of the spectrum really – the vets league, a social gathering of senior runners who still compete in a stadium for athletics, that is levelled so that the likes of me doesn’t have to compete against the likes of Adrian, and then there are the young whippets competing not essentially to win, but aided with a pace maker to improve their PB. A great concept for developing athletes.

The vet meetings are just as competitive, but the competition is among people in a five year age bracket which sort of makes things a bit fairer. The other thing is, the vets league is run in such a friendly manner, no egos or attitude because we have all been there and done it, now we are just enjoying our sport with nothing to prove anymore.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe was the British Milers club. No more competitive than my league just lots quicker. My dilemma was, do I race, or do I go and watch Adrian. Linda and I have watched the lads with sport through their young days, but just because they can drive themselves around now, it doesn’t mean we stop supporting and encouraging… Or even enjoy watching them.

I decided though that I was going to run myself, Linda’s dilemma? Watch me or Ade. So Linda, and actually Mark as well went to watch Adrian, I however went to Monkton accompanied, but not by family. ;( My evening went wrong from the start, forgot my spikes, home and back. Hung around for best part of 2 hours watching running colleagues from various north east clubs. Then I had a big decision to make, my legs hurting too much to run?? Not really sure. I have Blaydon races in a week so chose not to run. It was a hard decision to make, but I definitely think it was the right choice I made, I guess we will see on Monday by 8pm if I am at Blaydon, or sitting on the kerb on Scottsy road. The thing is, at my age, and yes I know I didn’t start the race, but I still haven’t dropped out of one in 27 years…..I probably would have if I had started!

Anyway back to that parallel universe, the BMC. Some great performances, the kind I can’t even dream about these days. When I was sitting in the rain, Linda saw some great races, and watched Adrian PB. 3:54.7. I know who had the best evening.

I came home, stuck the kettle on, and heard Linda asking my mate. “What really? Do you mean he has at last got some common sense?” I brought the coffees in to the living room and pretended I hadn’t heard. You know, you have to choose your battles carefully, and sometimes you just know when you aren’t going to win!

PS… Common sense? Don’t be silly I am doing Blaydon whatever happens, the only variable is going to be how slow I go!!


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