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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 12, 2014

Run fat boy run…

Well I am on my way to the big city, it’s not going to be a holiday, but I hope I can enjoy the experience.

I assume a lot of people will be watching on the television, but for those of you watching on a computer, or smart telly, my number is 23655. I believe there is a facility on the marathon website to track the progress of one or more athletes. If you don’t have the numbers, last year you could enter the name, and club, so you should be able to track the four of us.

The beauty of those newfangled smart tellies is the interactive feature; if you are tracking me, and you shout, I will actually hear you. So let’s have as much support as you can muster!!!

There have been a few people ask me what my target is. Well, to be honest I do have a time in mind, but I have only told a couple of people to avoid any additional pressure, my main goal (as I have had to promise my own parents) is to complete the run and be ok at the end, the next two targets are to be able to run the full distance without stopping or walking, and the other target, to enjoy the whole event. Let’s face it as soon as Mo entered we knew I wasn’t going to win!!!

I can feel I am starting to ramble on so … Thanks for all the well wishes and I will see you all when I come back.

For any last minute donations, here’s the link:-

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  • Author's Avatar baxter April 12, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    12 hours and you'll be doing it! Best of luck Brian - hope it's everything you want it to be :) Val


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