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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 28, 2014

The Halfway Mark

Just about half way there now……..This week has been much more fruitful in my training. I have run much more, there has been a race which I have used as a barometer for my development/improvement.  On Sunday I ran the Brass Monkey half marathon.  At the time I was disappointed with my performance, but later on reflection I  feel happier about it; I have learned a bit about myself, and realised what I am lacking.

 My half marathon was 10 minutes quicker than 3 months earlier.  I did notice though that my concentration waned, and there were times in the race when I was just plodding. Seriously that could be an age thing, it is 17 years since I ran 1 hour 18 in the North Run.  

Also, I still don’t have enough miles in my legs yet which is worrying as I am talking about a 1/2 marathon not a full one.  On the age thing, I am reminding myself it is only 4years since my 82 minute Redcar half, but to be fair, I am  knocking on these days so maybe I  should lower the bar ??

On Friday, I had a visit from Ian Bloomfield; Ian is the font of all knowledge with regard to marathon running.  Ian has encouraged me and explained a lot to me about the marathon, and I am starting to feel already that I have a plan for the weekend in London.  My preparations on the day before and the actual day are just about planned, so I should be stress free on the day…although I am not sure!

 Ian seems happy enough now with my training, but says it is time to increase the miles, two long ones a week.  He is reassuring to have round, I must say he does help me feel more self confident…I wish he was coming with me, but I would never be able to keep up with him.  Although he is 10years my senior, he could beat my projected time by about an hour, no shame there for me cos he is really good!

Anyway, I had a short run on Tuesday, but was off work Wednesday so did a 13miler, well nearly.  That  was a chore, I tend to put the world to rights when I am running, but there are only so many crisis  you can  correct in a run, and I got bored.  Luckily, there was a young lass running back when I turned round, so having recognised her style, I caught her and ran 3 miles back with her.  I had my free T shirt from Brass Monkey on and she recognised it; she had run it the same weekend as me.  Anyway I changed the subject when she told me her time, although she was half my age it still hurts when the fairer sex best you!!!  Anyway she was telling me she has run 14 marathons…and here is me, at my tender age preparing for my first!

That was a canny run, I ran with the club Thursday, dragged round the 7 mile Harraton loop by Lorna Graham at break neck pace, but still feeling ok. Then on Saturday it was the Northern x-country champs at Liverpool.  That was 7.5miles of the horriblest run I have ever done. The mud was a foot deep in places…in fact I could say, in some, well, one patch it was firm the rest was flippin’ aaafull!

 Anyway the point was I am calling it 10 miles cos it was that hard. The beauty was that it didn’t hurt, my legs and lungs dealt with it fine, so there is certainly some improvement showing through 😉

An early morning call from mum prevented me from getting my run in on Sunday.  I had to perform only child duties (I am not the only child) so missed a big run, but tonight Monday have done a good 7 miler. Next Sunday I am hoping for a long run with my mate Ruth…..consider this an open letter Ruth, I would like someone to do a long run with me on Sunday please.  Wonder if you read this, and can take a hint???

With two races and a long run mid week, this week I have done about 400 miles, 350 of them though were in the bus to Liverpool and back…ha ha.

Definitely getting on the way now, Linda has just booked my return train tickets, and I think it will be hotel by the end of the week. Next week I will be setting up my just giving page for a local charity hope you will support their cause. Cheers see yas next week.

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