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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

May 19, 2014

The North Easterns, from chump to champ in 3 days!

Following from the excitement of Wednesdays relays, came the North East Track and Field Championships. A big event in the athletics calendar , however I fear not greatly supported. Adrian has competed in this every year since he was old enough, and the best he had managed to date was a bronze in the 3000 metres. It was in my mind that although he was determined to put right the wrong from Wednesday it was only 2 days since that hard run at Wallsend. On top of that, he was running two consecutive days as he had for the uni two weeks earlier and the second day had been a step too far.

On Saturday he was to run the 1500 and Sunday would be the 800. That was going to be interesting, see if he had learned anything from BUCS Bedford. We didn’t talk much about it in the run up, to the day, he is a teenager and doesn’t need advice from someone who has never run before, (sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come across well in print ?) anyway on the day, I did tell him make sure that one of the days you get what you want. Generally that means make it work the first day cos otherwise you will be tired and still not achieve the second day, but I was replied using teenage talk “I know what I want to do”.

I ran Riverside Park Run in the morning and it was blisteringly hot. So I was concerned for him but hey oh he is young (as I am) and he can deal with what ever comes. He lined up for his race at the height of the day, shortly after 12 when the sun was blazing on the track. His club mates watching not knowing what to expect, even his big brother and girl friend came to watch this one, and they brought the grandparents for a rare shout (hello mam and dad).

He started the race with a good lane, and to be fair he did have the fastest time this year of all those who lined up with him. 9 people in the race including his mate Tom, who is 2years his junior, but still in the same age group.

When the gun fired they all set off , and broke straight away from the curved line as opposed to the stagger used for the 800. As he crossed the finish line 300 metres in, he was sitting comfortably 5th with Tom on his shoulder, but he soon moved up the field with Tom following in his footsteps. But with 600 metres to go there was a break from the front of the field, and Adrian covered the break confidently. But when they reached the bell it was a different story, Adrian broke, and the break was decisive with 300 to go he was 15 metres clear and no one chasing him. Tom kicked down the back straight and headed for home with Jonnie Curry from Tynedale. The gap seemed to be getting bigger but in the end down the final straight, Jonnie started to close gradually, but Adrian was never threatened.

Jonnie finished with silver and Tom was having a great run in to third place, but was just beaten over the line by Charlie Pascoes’ bigger pectorals. Tom had a great run, got a PB, but was robbed of a medal on the finish line. On the day though, it was Ade’s day following Wednesday’s disappointment he had put a few demons to bed, although I think even though it wasn’t his fault … I don’t think he will have heard the last of this one!!

One funny thing he did say afterwards, and I quote …” Michael (Sunday name in case Hayley reads this) was screaming at me to kick now !!! Don’t think he realised I had kicked 150 metres ago”

A gold medal and he did it in front of his grandparents …… What more could he want???


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