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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

February 14, 2017

Two 5 o’clocks in a day

As the festivity passed and the cold winter month of January was cast upon us the inevitable arrived; I had to go to work. For me this meant 12 hours a day for 21 days on board an oil rig in the North Sea (a less than perfect marathon training environment).
oil rig

As I knew this would be a part of my epic journey and I had to pay for the hotel somehow, I hatched a plan!! The first morning on my 3-week all-inclusive trip to the West Phoenix I set the alarm for 05:00 AM. I awoke, jumped in to my gym gear and hit the treadmill – the target was 10K.

I failed!! This was due to a combination of still being asleep, no food inside me, and bad weather conditions causing movement of the vessel which meant it was hard to walk in a straight line never mind run on a treadmill.

Undeterred my plan was still foolproof, gym at 05:00, breakfast at 06:00, start my 12 hours at 06.30 this included climbing 200 steps to the drill floor 4 times a day (it all helps) then sleep, perfect!! I even had the support of the man I was sharing a room with, who every morning at 05:00 AM would shout in broad Scottish words of encouragement, and show me the victory sign as I left the room.

I’m back home now and have been hitting the roads slowly increasing the miles on my long run I’m not there yet but I feel I’m improving at I’m still feeling positive also looking forward to what lies ahead.

Dave Lamond

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