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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

December 30, 2013

Week 7 – R & R?

Week 6……….I think, the weeks are running away with me now as the date gets closer (it’s week 7 actually – Editor).

At the moment I am still just aiming to complete this marathon, got no targets other than still have a heart beat at the end of it!!! I am, however, doing a half marathon in a couple of weeks, and then I should be thinking about a target time. They used to say as a measure that when you are fit a marathon time should be equal to your best ½ marathon x 2 plus 20 minutes, that might be a big ask for me, but I am probably going to try and apply that rule…fingers crossed.

Anyway, this last week has been Christmas week, and I have struggled to fit the required amount of training into my busy social life, and so have surfed the net doing some research, trying to find a reason (excuse) why I shouldn’t run as much. A bit unfortunate, I couldn’t find a schedule that said you had to rehydrate the body in the middle of your programme by drinking a gallon of beer every night, but I did find a reason for not running everyday of every week!

In every training programme there will be fatigue in muscles, and a general weariness will develop throughout the body. When this happens rest and recovery are crucial and just as important to the athlete as an actual training session. Now, do we know the difference between rest, and recovery??

REST: this is the easiest to define, and basically is the time spent not training, and time spent sleeping. This is generally easy to understand, and probably the easiest to fit in. As a parent…especially dads that is… it is hard to fit training in sometimes, but the sleepless night we have due to the bairns…well let’s just not go there!!

RECOVERY: this refers to the things we do to facilitate the repair of our tired torn bodies to maximise repair. So what can we do to facilitate the recovery our bodies crave?
Hydration, nutrition, posture, heat, ice, stretching, myofascial release (foam rolling) stress management and compression; these are just some of the things we can do to help our bodies repair.

We have different systems that need to recover. These include hormonal, neurological, and structural. Our structural system includes muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Muscles recover the quickest because they receive direct blood flow. Tendons, ligaments, and bones receive indirect blood flow and therefore can take longer to recover and be more susceptible to overtraining stress.

For most of us the target should not be perfection, but to achieve a good balance of training for healthy competitiveness, we should not be adhering rigidly to exact levels of each factor. We need to prioritize life and maximize performance without personal sacrifice! Have a blow out now and again (without overdoing it) – this can benefit you mentally when you know that you can still enjoy life, and will help you unwind, making you more ready for your next training session.

The balance between rest and recovery along with a proper diet and exercise should be on an 80/20 basis. 80% thinking about your fitness regime, and 20% should be left for enjoying life. (These are from the web, not my figures)

At this point I could go into a lecture about how much to drink and what to eat and how to stretch, and about posture, and foam rolling, but that would bore you all…and might frighten some of you, so I will give you the link to the URL that I have been reading from and you can read it direct. That way I don’t break copyright rules and also I don’t have to read the whole article myself! Read it here.

Now…having read the web page myself, I think I have found I have been doing most things correctly over the festive period.

For example: Rest……………..I have been lying in bed each morning until 10:30 should be enough?
​Hydration……8 pints a night kept me quite well hydrated
​Nutrition……..Chicken Rogan Josh, Chicken is protein and tomatoes are fruit, yeah?
​​Stretching…….I always stretch when I wake up it becomes routine, a stretch, a yawn then a cup of coffee.
​​Heat, Ice and compression, you know I get all of them, I like my mulled wine warmed, I like ice in my G and T, but when I do it feels like Linda has applied a compress to my head, cos (groan) how it hurts!

So there is a light hearted look at recovery with a message.

This last week I have actually run 30 miles worth, and done 15 on the bike, I am looking forward to another good week of training next week while I am off work, and am starting to feel better and stronger, this is good!!

Here is to another year of enjoying a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise for the heart and the mind.

I wish you all everything you could wish for yourself, and more besides…… Healthy wealthy and wise….

Happy New Year, and see you all in 2014 YB

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