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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

August 14, 2014

Well hello, how are you all doing?

It is a month, maybe 5 weeks since I last spoke and there have been all sorts happening.

Since last we spoke (albeit monologue not dialogue) I have had very little time out running as I gradually recovered from a torn calf muscle. I have now managed to start training although I am still nervous, it wouldn’t be the first time I had thought I was fixed only to have a recurrence. Hopefully not this time cos I have done everything the Physio said!

As I have been unable to race, I have turned to the other side, and become a spectator, but a good spectator…I have seen some really good races and probably seen the greatest progress made in one of the lads for a long time. Conna Carruthers, who I have seen just go and run fast in races till he could run no more, frequently getting caught in the last hundred or so, has, in his last few races, arrived with a tactic and stuck to it. The last 800 I saw him do, he sat in the pack until the last 200 and kicked, burning up the track and I believe finishing second in 1:57. Really enjoyed that race, the same day Adrian knocked out a 1:54 800 (he gets his running and looks from me and his mam’s brains).

As was mentioned, again on FB, the Darlington 10k was this weekend, we only had two running, but they carried the flag for Birtley very well. Dave Coulson, we think getting a PB (he did, by 2 seconds – Val), but nevertheless was 2 minutes quicker than last year on the same course. Val Baxter had a good weekend of running, she PB’d her park run by 18 seconds on Saturday. I told her not to get too excited for Sunday, cannot PB every race, but she did Darlington 10k and got a massive PB, knocking 3 minutes off her previous best.

dave coulson effort

Saturdays senior league was disappointing though. Unless you could say watching the young lads of the club enjoying competition. I believe there were 2 young ladies who competed in the field events (Zoe and Steph) but the only other athletes that I saw from Birtley were Ade, Matty and Conna. (Kieran turned up to watch and Steve and Margaret officiated with a bit help from Lea.). The main point of this mention again was Conna. Still learning to enjoy the sport, at the last minute joined in the high jump. Sounds like they had a great time. He said he had never done it before so the coaching he received at the time…on the spot came from Adrian. He told him it was easy, just like jumping over a fence, so with that in mind, he actually won the high jump with 1 metre 70. For those of us who were at school pre 1971 the decimalisation year, in old money that is 5 foot 8 or roughly over me. Great effort Conna hope you keep enjoying the sport for a long time to come.

Now all these great performances, when do I get to join in, I want a bit of the Birtley success, well I am in for a couple of 5k races, so I will let you know how I do. If you don’t hear anything, just presume I didn’t do very well :(

Finally, I think it is well done Kate Waugh the new national triathlon champion and Robyn apparently did very well also, and there were also, the week before I think, good performances from Katie Gunn and Sophie Burnett in the English schools, and a big step (long jump) for Grace Turner, who qualified this year for the best of the best schools competition.

Well done you all 😉


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