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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

July 14, 2014

Well, now what do I do?

I had health issues hanging round me when I was marathon training that I thought were just down to my weekly high mileage, but 3 months on and they are still there. It is absolutely amazing how things happen; you think you are invincible…bullet proof, but in the end old age will get you!!! Someone told me I was too old to run, but I tell that person, no! I am too old to run as fast as I used to!! There is no reason why I shouldn’t still be able to run and enjoy competition; I just need to be a bit more careful about the frequency and intensity of the competition.

It is something that I will never accept; I am the Peter Pan of Birtley AC (who wants to be Wendy? Or Tinker Bell? ) I am going to beat this though, I have spoken to the wise people and am going to change my diet, I subscribe to an information provider who has written an article on training an “ageing” athlete. So once I get over my torn calf muscle, I am hoping to be training hard again and will be setting myself some targets and goals, hopefully achievable goals.

…you never know, there may even be another appearance by me in the marathon circuit, no promises, but don’t be surprised. I will be better prepared the next time as well :)

I am starting a new diet, and intend to lose a few pounds (don’t need to lose many) and stabilise my systems. This week I am starting my stretching exercises and have ventured out on the bike last week so am on my road to recovery, just am fighting battles in several areas at once, but trust me…I will win these battles. In fact let us just call it one battle, with several skirmishes in isolated areas! I am on my way…


PS Hiya Carole Ward, nice seeing you at Gateshead, and thanks for stopping to say hello :).

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