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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

September 25, 2016

What did you do this Saturday????

Last weekend I suffered a severe body blow as any credibility in my athletic prowess was blasted into kingdom come!!!! I went to Stratford upon Avon to visit number 1 son and decided as I had put some consistent quality training in for 2-3 weeks that I would introduce myself to the Stratford public and participate in their local parkrun. Mark fancied a run out also so we registered him with parkrun and loaned him a pair of my Dunlop Green Flash sand shoes and together we strolled off to the course together.

Now, there was never any doubt who would win, I am a trained athlete who competes in sport events, Mark a footballer who doesn’t actually do sport as he just plays a game at the weekend!!

Anyway, the course was absolutely flat nice course around the park and along the River Avon, really nice. 😃 (he beat me by 2minutes)

I got up early this weekend, and went to run the parkrun at Saltwell park. That is another nice run, round the lake, yet they still managed to make it a hilly course. I went through with Chloe who would support me, and I was going to blast round the course and go home to tell Mark how last week was a one off, but before the race Mark and Adrian both turned up to ‘support me’. I ran ok, was a bit disappointed with my time, but if Mark had brought his trainers I know I would have beaten him, cos after all he just plays a game I am a trained athlete 😎. After the run, we had a bit craic with Dave Kelly, who I haven’t seen for a couple months since he tore a hamstring. Was nice to see him back on the road to recovery.

Then off home, a shower, and then pick Mrs Young up and transport her to Monkton so she could defend her title as vets 10k champion. Actually she didn’t defend her title, she has another ‘v’ to her name now so was competing for the next vet bracket (just wouldn’t be right to say her age would it). You learn a lot about people when you take them to races, once I took her to Jarra and when we got there it turned out she had entered a race at completely the wrong event. 😳. This time we turned up at 11:30 for her 12:30 race only to find it was a 2:15 race…doh!

By the time we got Stephanie’s number on and registered, Gerard (Pedro) appeared, who was also doing the 10k, I cannot think why people do that on the track, 25 laps it must be purgatory, just round and round and round…round and round and round…etc etc. Then, as we were chatting to mates from other clubs, we spotted Mrs Curtis in her officialdom, helping out at some multi event. I believe Aaliyah Peacock was our sole representative in that.

I did a few laps on the dolomite track outside the stadium, trying to keep Stephanie warm, the cold wind was starting to cut through her and she didn’t have the 14 layers with her that are her trademark during the autumn. We watched the 5k which was run by men and women in the same race. In the interval following the 5k Stephanie prepared, put her spikes on and we started a warm up lap, and she seemed so different, as we ran round, I was looking her in the eye, whereas before I had looked over her. Turns out she has still got her country spikes in…12mm!! We realised the issue, and no way could she run the track in them so she was running 10k on the track in her road running shoes.

Before the race started I was asked to man the water station on the back straight, no problem, I was going to be there shouting for Ped and Stephanie anyway. A few laps into the race Steph has lost count and asked me, well, I wasn’t counting, I was just in charge of the water… She tells me how many laps she has done, then Shannel came and joined me, and we got chatting and I lost count as well. Oh and thanks for the chocolate biscuit Shannel, 2:30, and the first thing I had eaten all day! Together we counted the laps down for Stephanie, and as she came round I tell her 8 laps left…….. 6 she corrected me. Durrrrrr! Sorry I have been distracted.

Anyway, she won gold in her category, and Ped got bronze in his, hope they remember to bring them to the club to be presented. 😉 fb_img_1474759536964

We stayed for the presentation, then wandered off home, left the world of sport and athletics and returned to our real lives and went home to do our chores, housework and looking after our families. We awoke from the dream.

Anyway, the lessons learned?? If you take Stephanie to a race… First make sure it is the right event, check the time of her event, and make sure she has the right shoes with her!!!!! #likelookingafterthebairns

Good luck to the teams competing today at sport city Manchester.


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