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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by leem

August 30, 2010

Coverage of some of the bank holiday weekends events

The bank holiday weekend was a quiet weekend for athletics. There was competition available, but not many chose to participate. We had a family day out Thursday, so missed training Thursday evening, but Tommy texted Saturday mornings arrangement. We met at the Riverside and did a 20 minute warm up, with former club members Robbie and Steph, and friend Anna, led by Lee and Tracy. Tommy was not available for the warm up, as he had Sophie and Sophie at the Town Moor for a park run. Both girls commented later that evening that they had enjoyed taking part in the 5km run, but said it had been very windy. Tommy agreed that it had not been a good day for fast times, but that both lasses had run well. After the training session Adrian went straight through to Gateshead stadium to watch his mates in the Northern inter-counties competition. Birtley had only the one athlete in this competition, but he had other friends who he had made through the sport that he wanted to watch. As it was, we were 15 minutes late and missed Chelsea Jarvis of Merseyside win her 800 in a time of 2:17….(under 15 girlie). Another friend, Liam Ayton (North East…..Durham athlete) was out sprinted from the last hurdle in the 1500 steeplechase, an event Adrian has always fancied trying. The highlight of the meeting for Ade was watching club mate Lydia Turner in the 1500m. Lydia’s race was fast from the start, but she showed experience and maturity at her young age and she let the leaders tear off. After 300m the leaders had settled down to a practical pace and Lydia had caught them. At 600m Lydia took the lead and stretched the pack out, only one athlete showing any attempt to stay with Lydia. At the bell Lydia was firmly in control at the front and although the second placed athlete did try to close the gap in the last 100m Lydia finished a comfortable winner in a time of 4:52 (unofficial). In the following race Charmaine Porter was representing the North East, she ran her race with the senior women as there was only 3 competitors in that category. Tommy did observe that it was sad that such an event should have voids where there were no athletes available or selected to represent their region. Julie was delighted to see that Lydias friends had turned up to support Lydia, Paige Gillespy, Adrian, Pedro and Tommy, cheering from the track side. Sundays training was missed as there was an event on at Hexham. Tynedale had organised a meeting, with a mile race, Tommy said he loved that one as it was a traditional event. Adrian had wondered between the 800 and the mile. We went to the Wentworth Stadium, unaware that anyone from the club would be there, but when we arrived the Taylors were already there and warming up for competition. This surely must be the last track and field for the season. We saw Vince running himself through two heats towards the final in the 100m this event was a seeded event, as were most of them. Kieran Taylor was taking part in what looked like a “quadrathlon” I am sure Vince can expand with details if anyone is interested for next year. I think it was a 60m sprint, standing long jump, throwing the “howler” and 600m. I couldn’t say how he did overall as we missed the field events, but he ran a very good 4th place in the 600m, against some stiff opposition. Sophie ran against Charmaine Porter, in with all the under17 lads, never seems fair that to me, but…..never mind, mustn’t grumble. After Sophies 800 was the showpiece event. Unknown to most people the mile race was an elite race. The race record was 3:56 and Adrian and Anna Fawcett entered thinking it was a seeded race………Doh! the first lap was 56seconds (Ades pb for 400 is 62), they went through 800 in 1:58. Ade was smiling all the way, enjoying mixing with this calibre of athlete, although you could hardly say he was mixing with them. The race was won in 4:07 (this was a mile not 1500m). Ades time wasn’t particularly good 5:23, but he was pleased that he didn’t get lapped, and loved the experience. Anna followed Adrian home, but there were still two athletes behind them so they were both smiling at the end. After the race the winners went off to cool down, and didn’t even ask their new friends Adrian and Anna if they wanted to go with them Just before we left, we saw Sophe Taylor lining up for the 200, I think it was a seeded race, and when she went passed us with 40m to go she looked to be fighting for 1st or 2nd place. (couldn’t see from where we were where she ended up). After her race we said our ta ta’s and left for home. Sorry, we don’t know how Vince finished in his 100m. By YB

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