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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by leem

August 26, 2010

Durham Summer Relays 25-08-10

Victorious U15 girls

The whole gang 3 Vets 9 Seniors and 3 U15 girls
  Durham cross country relays……………… I was looking forward to this race. I have run a couple of senior races, but this was the first time I was to be in a senior relay team. It has been commented a couple of times that I look to be running in the wrong race, but what I lack in size is made up for in enthusiasm…..I just luuuuuurve it!!!   Dad was running in his first complete vets team, but was concerned bearing in mind he is waiting for an operation, but wanted to have a go and said he appreciated the chance to be in a team. This was my first senior relay team, the last few years I had run for a fairly successful youth team. I hoped not to let the “big boys’ team” down.   When we arrived, I didn’t know who my team would be, there were a lot of senior/veteran men, only three girlies, but there was a good atmosphere. Tommy and Ed were both present, not running, but there to support their club colleagues. There were only two races, the younguns’ (ha ha rich coming from me as I was one last year) and the owlduns’ (that was me this year) seniors, vets race. They were mixed races, lads and lasses. First race saw Lydia destroy the field with a cracking run, running away from the first lad and gave Paige a good start for her second leg. Paige ran well freshly back from her jolidays sporting a nice healthy sun tan, she looked the part as she strode down the field, in second place now but still running well. Paige handed over to Sophe Forster who is making it back to great form, after some really nasty injuries at the end of last year and early this year. The form she is producing now is a credit to her coach for “rehabbing” her and bringing her back gradually and strongly. The actual result for this race was a second place over all finish, but it was a lads team who won, so the Birtley girlies won their race. The presentation was not as it used to be as the centre is being redeveloped. The lasses waited to collect their prize (as is proper) and got copies of the results and guess what………our team of girls were the three fastest runners on the day, whichever order, they had run in, they would have won, so well done you girls!!!   I was actually given first leg of my team, it is strange when you are used to running and trying to keep up with the leaders, then you run against people like Neil, Lee and Richard, Dad says they are our clubs stars these days. It isn’t hard to not try to keep up with them they just run away from you!! Their team was well picked; they were the three fastest runners from Birtley. They finished 6th out of 35 teams, very good eh??? My big brother missed the footie on telly to make a team, and guess what……..we both beat dad, never mind dad took it well, still took us out for supper on the way home.   Dad used to write these articles, and always gave a young lady a mention. She didn’t run for Birtley, but was closely linked. These days she runs for Birtley as a second claim athlete….hiya Trace!! Tracy came along to make a team for the senior ladies, even if it needed to be a composite team. Thanks for that Trace, sorry we have a very limited supply of senior women, but thanks for giving us that thought.   A mention for Steve and Michael, who turned out for the club……travelling on the train/public transport……..hey well done public transport for getting them there on time. Pedro an ever present was competing, and I think, but may be wrong but Dave Scott had his first race for the club Karl ran also. Dad says Ronnie used to run for Birtley when he was my age but has just recently returned , welcome back Ronnie, I am pleased to have run with one of dads mates………..did you see the results??? You beat dads time ha ha!!!   I think I have covered it all, but if I haven’t Dads old disclaimer applies.  
Results   Lydia Turner 5:10 Paige Gilhespy 5:34 Sophie Forster 5:18 2nd team overall 1st girls team Neil Allan 09:51 Lee Millmore 09:56 Richard Scott 10:09 6th team overall 5th senior men team Adrian Bailes 10:44 Ronnie Eillies 11:36 Michael Keenan 11:14 14th team overall 8th senior men team Karl Oakes 11:07 Dave Scott 12:49 Brian Bailes 11:57 21st team overall and 7th vets team Mark Bailes 11:35 Stephen Barras 12:19 Pedro 14:57 26th team overall 14th senior men team
By Adrian Bailes

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