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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Karl Oakes

November 21, 2010

Flat tyres in the dash to Leeds

My alarm went off at 5:30am on a cold wet morning for a trip down to Leeds to race the Leeds Abbey Dash 10K. I had been looking forward to this for weeks and although I wasn’t at my fittest, I was eager to run this race as it is known as a flat fast course. Tommy was prompt, which was unexpected as we all know that Tommy has his own time zone, ‘Tommy time’. We (Tommy, Tracey, Ronnie and me) were off and were making good progress down the A1. Just north of Wetherby we got a flat tyre, fortunately we all mucked in and got back on the road within 20 minutes, watch out Kwik Fit!! Unfortunately, Tommy had to drive slower due to the temporary tyre and we got to race start with about 30 minutes to spare with only 10 minutes for a warm up, because this was a big race (6000+) with a lot of people already getting into the race zones. The conditions were perfect though, cold and drizzly and after a short warm up Ronnie and I followed Tracey to the front, as she was a lot braver than us when it came to jostling for a good position pretty close to the front. The gun went and we were off at a pretty rapid pace and I went through 3K at 10:22 and felt OK and I could see Tracey was just 10 metres in front so I just tried to hang on. I passed the 5K marker in 17:44 and still felt pretty good, but in the next kilometre I developed a cracking stitch and I had to reduce my pace to try and get rid of it, “That’ll teach you to eat Calzone Pizza too late the night before” I thought. I really struggled through the next few kilometers and lost contact with Tracey until about 8K where I saw here running with an obvious problem. I was absolutely gutted for her as she was on for a cracking time. At this point I was still struggling with my stitch and I just ploughed on as I knew I was running a PB time even though I was now running at a much slower pace. The next one and half kilometres were tough as I was thinking about how Tracey would be feeling and also people were passing me as if I was walking. I got to the 9K marker and then I knew there wasn’t long to go, and I heard somebody shout my name, which was a really pleasant surprise, it was Emma Raven from Chester-le-Street who had come down with James for the race. I looked at my watch and I knew I was still on for a P.B., so I just digged in and looked for the finish. The last 1K was a little uphill and with about 200 metres to go I saw finish with 36:10 on the clock, “Right c’mon you have been trying to break 37 for three years!!”, I said to myself, and I sort of sprinted, well as much as I could, into the finish in 36:44. I was really pleased, but also a little bit gutted, realising that I could probably have run the last 5K a lot quicker if I didn’t get the stitch. At the finish I bumped into James and he’d ran a great time (33:00), my thoughts then went to Tracey and Ronnie and I waited for them. I caught up with Ronnie who had also achieved a P.B. (39:14) and he had taken off 3 minutes of his previous best, which was an awesome achievement. We couldn’t see Tracey anywhere, so we headed off to meet Tommy to find Tracey with him. She could hardly put her foot on the floor so we decided to just head back straight to the car. Bit of a mixed day really, with two of us achieving a P.B. and the other having to pull out.

Shout outs

Thanks Tommy for taking us down and looking after us. Well done Ronnie, great time and just keep going you will soon be slashing your new P.B. again. Don’t worry Tracey, you have a few days off and have a lovely honeymoon. Next year, 34:30 minutes.. Thanks Emma for the shout at 9K, much appreciated! [display_author]

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