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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 11, 2013

Heaton Race Report by our roving reporter Brian Bailes

In response to the hard working secretary’s appeal for content for our website, this was my morning of Remembrance Day race….

It seemed like the middle of the night when Conna came knocking on the door Sunday morning, it was 9:00, but I was still drifting in a state of semi consciousness. My situation has changed considerably since I last wrote a race day log. In those days I used to get woken up by Ade coming in asking me to get up and take us to our race, nowadays I get woken up by his mates knocking on the door so he can take them for a race……leaving me to get up and sort myself at a much more civilised time!!

My first lesson today was to read the race pack information, a lesson learned by Karen Goulding at the same time. We both paid £3 to park in the car park whereas the rest of the club seemed to be parking free at the race headquarters which was the local school….expensive lesson.

We walked to the start together, and arrived as the bairns were running the 3k, a good turn out by Birtley as there seemed to be an abundance of Birtley vests in the race, which was won by Matty Cleugh, not so remarkable, as he wins most of his races these days, and long may it last. The next race was the under 15’s which again seemed to have many Birtley vests competing, and quite predominantly in the top half of the results.

The under 17’s ran against the under 20’s, which was a shame cos Tom Goulding came in 4th place, which meant he just missed a prize spot, when he actually was 2nd in his age group, he was supported by Conna, and Adrian to take first team prize. Adrian doing his best to emulate his younger mate Matty Cleugh by finishing comfortably in 1st place. Sophie Burnett the only Birtley girl runner in this race, following Matty and Ades example by leading the girls home. The senior race was preceded by the traditional minute silence. This race also had Birtley well represented.

It was a different course this year due to construction works in the park, but at least this time we didn’t get lost and have to start again. The race I always have enjoyed, don’t know why, possibly because it is a flat course, and the keen eyed of us can watch most of the race standing in the middle.

The team for the ladies has changed since my last report, because our favourite non Birtley runner…..Tracy Millmore, now does run for us, and came a very creditable 3rd lady, well done Tracy. She was supported by Maria, who knocked 2 minutes off her time, and the two Lornas who we think got second ladies team.

The Mens race had 6 Birtley vests on the start line, and the outstanding run of the day I would say was from Dave Coulson, clocking 38 ½ minutes or thereabouts. It has to be said I think I must have done an extra lap to everyone else as I was a disappointing 3 minutes slower than last year. (no excuses, and I am not even going to mention that I fell off my bike the day before!!) I was really disappointed, and it doesn’t set me up well for next week at Leeds Abbey dash….confidence shattered!!

After the race we were treated to Chocolate muffins, provided by Peter Gill and his wife, that is something that could catch on….chocolate cake after races yummy!!!! My day just got worse, as I travelled home. My mobile is broken, so I have no communication source, and when I got home I also didn’t have a house key, you just couldn’t make this up could you?? At my age (31) having to go to a neighbours house to ask them to ring Linda to ask her to come home and let me in,….eeesh , well I never!

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