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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

March 12, 2017

1st Birtley Junior XC Relays

By now you all know I am not a morning person, so when I said I would help, you know that most of the setting up has been done by the time I crawl out my cot. So, when I turn up eventually there were 9 cars parked at the kerbside and the gates were locked. I checked the clock on the car dashboard and my watch, turned out that the school booking had not been processed so we were an hour and a bit behind setting up. Quickly in and all hands on deck……. Straightaway I spotted my first error, I was in running shoes, and the field was soggy…..#shouldabroughtmywellies

We set up and then panic stations, did everyone know their role? I knew mine, actually I was given 2 but I managed to pass one off to Lyndsey. I had to be boss over the young athletes and make sure thirty odd kids stood in order to run when first leg runners came in to handover. No way was I going to manage that, I mean ask yourself, have you ever taken notice of me??? The other thing was, we didn’t know what order they were coming in until about 35 metres before they arrived, and at times they were coming in four and five at a time. So I fell apart and Lyndsey stepped up to the plate and controlled the situation for me. At this point I was thinking about saying that I could never be a teacher and have to look after lots of children but that may sound insincere…

My other job? they gave me the microphone, I was the introducer/announcer. I think I did ok, I am shy with stuff like that, but no one else seemed too keen. I was really worried about this job cos I thought I was going to have to sing the national anthem at each presentation, but I managed to introduce the event, and the rest seemed to just fall into place nicely.

I believe generally the whole event was well received, the officials were surprised at how popular this event was, and hey let’s hope it happens again next year. There were some constructive comments passed that we have learned from straight away. This whole event was meant to be about the athletes and enjoyment. That theme was even projected in the sports hall when the young athletes were given the opportunity to make a few bob for their world challenge.

Nice to see some of the senior athletes getting involved, acting as Hare, and tail runner, and two more marshalling. The Hare was a surprise, as was not planned but we responded to the request, and accommodated.

The races all seemed fine after our first panic, and then on completion we all set about shutting the course down.

I was home all done by 10 past 1, and at 2pm I was off on my 10 miler with Rob.

A great morning of fun and run, well done and thanks to all the helpers, and the runners; hope you all enjoyed it.


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