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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

March 3, 2014

Alnwick Harrier League – Senior Report by YB

Been looking forward to this one for a while. I hadn’t run last Harrier league at Wrekenton because I was tired and hadn’t managed to get my massage the night before, and my marathon training was taking its toll. I do particularly like this course though and had every intention of running it, even though I had 20 miles to run the day after, which as it happens, I regretted the following day after about 16 miles!! Never mind, I “took one for the team” cos that’s the kind of bloke I am! We arrived at the car park same time as Lee, and actually same time as most of the club, and we just joined in the crowd and trundled off to the course.

1972286_10151926751005978_560917421_nPhoto courtesy of George Routledge

This week there was a lot of pressure on the lasses team (the senior ladies) because they were leading their division, and needed to win again today so that they could increase the points margin. So a bit of pressure on there and how do you think they did?? I haven’t seen the results as it happens (here they are for anyone interested), but I was there cheering and am sure that we had 4 runners through before Durham’s first runner, and that was who was chasing them up the division, only one place below.

Tracy Millmore was the first runner home for the team and second home was Ruth Dadswell who I believe ran herself into the fast pack, great result, but ha ha…you might regret that one Ruth!! The rest of the team were Lorna Graham, Val B, and Lisa who ran well for her first run from the medium pack. So well done you all :)

The main event was run straight after that, and as I did mention a few times on Sunday to Ruth, we ran the full course; we ran three laps not two! This time round the conditions were much better than last year. The ground was much firmer which made it easier to run, and get a stride going. Today’s race only featured Conna representing Birtley from the medium pack, Adrian having work commitments, and to be honest there weren’t that many runners there for the senior men. Most of the medium pack runners must have had other commitments.

The race was great, I love the course, a testing course, and someone had even given us a tree to jump over along the top of the course. (I did hear on Sunday that someone had jumped it and landed badly breaking their ankle. Don’t worry though…not our club).

I am not even going to try and name the runners in order, cos nearly all of them were through, showered and changed before I got through. I have to say I am the worst ever for telling people about preparation, and not needing to tape your shoes to your feet. Just fasten them properly and you will be ok? Well I thought that, but was furious with myself on the second lap when I had to drop into the bushes and fasten my lace that had come loose GRRRR! Write out 100 times, I must prepare properly!! Thanks to Chloe for giving me a shout as I was running round, every cheer helps.

At the end of the day, I didn’t hear anyone complaining, so we must all have done ok, we had a full team out, I still don’t think even with a depleted team that I made it into the scoring six, but I was still happy with what I had done, so well done to all of us.

Well done to the hosts as well, it was a great venue, only thing missing?? Last year I am sure there was a burger van!! (Editor’s note – there was, but their catering cancelled at the last minute this year so no burgers for you Mr Bailes! However, the lovely Anzac biscuits provided by Ruth Dadswell’s hubby filled a hole – thanks Adrian, they were fab, can we have the recipe?!)

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