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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Brian Bailes

May 26, 2017

Clive Cookson 10K, 24th May 2017

It is 3 years since I ran this race, just a few weeks after my attempt at London marathon, if I remember right, it was a nice day then as well.

I wasn’t aware it was on, but was messaged by Kirsty who was wondering if anyone else from the club would be running. I messaged a couple of the lads , and when I arrived there was just the two of us, but then Mark Hornsby appeared…then Nicky, then we bumped into Neil Casson, Glen and partner Katherine, and then on the way to the start Stevie Barker. Canny turn out for a midweek race.

I couldn’t remember what I did last time, but ran it a bit different this time. Last time I ran from the very back, this time I ran with Kirsty for first 4 miles, then tested myself on the last 2 and a bit. The first mile and a quarter was a slight steady incline, but we managed a comfortable 7:10 mile. Then we picked it up, and I think maybe we pushed too hard cos I ran Kirsty a good 6:44 mile, but although she managed comfortably, I think it told on her later in the race. By now we were coming round to the beginning of the second lap, and running past a few athletes who had got their pace wrong, and dropped out due to the heat. I wouldn’t pay £14 for a race and drop out half way round…unless they gave me half the fee back. I mean you need to get your tee shirt at the end!!!

I like the course, but not keen on the 600 metres through the estates, too twisty that bit, but I suppose that can’t be helped, if you want the other good bit.

Anyway, we ran to the top of the hill and then I pushed on. The lads were well ahead of us now, but it was a cracking day for a run so that wasn’t going to bother me. Nicky had also asked if I would accompany him to the local hostelry, well it would be rude not to…


Driving home, the thermometer on the car said 19 degrees C… So anyone who ran, did well.

At the end, Nicky had a nice shiny new PB, the rest of us I think just enjoyed the run. Myself, I was about a minute slower than last time, but I am saving my big performance for a special event, just not decided which event it will be yet, but believe me when it happens I will tell you!!!



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