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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 27, 2016

Could this be my next favourite course????

You know every cloud… And all that… My usual car sharers didn’t want to share this week. Stephanie committed at home, and Adrian running at Liverpool, but I have a new best mate…Phil Atkinson stepped up and replaced Stephanie very effectively. I usually need to provide the music in the car cos Stephanie’s taste is, well….

So I jumped in the car and was greeted by his two bairns, and before we were out the cul de sac I could see the music was in a different class, on his DAB radio, he had found a station devoted to Christmas music. Heart Xmas extra, it was great!!!!

Anyway, we dropped the bairns off at grandma’s and went to the venue, it wasn’t easy to get parked, but by some good fortune we got a good spot, and the venue was worth the queueing to park. I usually get to the races a bit sooner so this was a bit different, but seemed to work for me. We met up with the team at the tent had a bit banter, look round to see who was there, then a lap warm up while the women raced. Only three senior women today, great run by Shannel and Lisa, but Kirsty retired with a big fat ankle.

The timetable was running a bit late, but that was due to a lake that appeared overnight through the week meaning that the junior races had to be amended. No great problem that! Anyway, we knew the course ahead of the run and it was a bit daunting. We heard tales of ‘junior athletes’ finishing in tears… Always a worry cos I am a bit of a softee and don’t want to be seen bubbling.

The start was fine, flat with a bit mud, then , hang on 150m and I am climbing already. The climb was narrow, so you had to keep going otherwise you were trampled, then a very muddy patch, but I actually coped with that. I actually managed all the muddy bits quite well. The course had its share of hills obviously both up and down. We ran 3 laps in the main event, and the lasses sympathised with us for that after they had finished. I ran the first lap cautiously as I do these days but as I started the second lap, something alien happened to me. I actually thought there was nothing in there that was scary. I even tried to push on a bit, and think I did for the second lap, but as was pointed out last week, by a harsh team member, age is against me, and I tired for the third lap. I am still very happy with my run. Probably the downside of it was… I forgot to take my watch!!

Course was great and I loved it!!!


I haven’t mentioned anyone for a while, so here goes. Gary Curtis, gave up his whole day to help set up the course, then acted as a marshal for the whole event. Several other parents also volunteered to act as marshals for the day. Good points and kudos for the club, thanks for the commitment. Oooooh yeah, Hanna Short great flap jacks. 👍. I think the other cakes were eaten before we arrived. 😒 (And THAT’S why you need to get there earlier! Editor)

Journey home listening to the fave Xmas songs, and a great day…until the football results came in. *sigh*

Got to say though, I cannot wait til February next year to run it again!!!!!

Oh, and yeah, thanks Gary, we got tied up in a bit of a knot with the tent but we got there. 😏


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