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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

October 10, 2016

Druridge Bay October 9th 2016

The alarm went at 10 o clock this morning, which meant it was time to gather the family together for a trip up the coast on this lovely Sunday morning. By the time I realised, and went downstairs, Linda was already up and halfway through a pile of ironing, and Adrian was working through my CD stack looking for something to listen to in the car. Chloe was tucking into a pancake for breakfast, the breakfast that makes champions!

The journey up to Northumberland was uneventful; with our Monkees double CD left on the bench at home, we listened to the commanding voice of Mrs sat nav all the way up. What a bossy woman, she tells you over and over, obviously doesn’t realise I am a male driver and only need telling once!!

We drove through a variety of weather conditions, leaving us wondering what we would be racing in, but it turned out to be beautiful sunshine. This was just as well cos Mrs Young was travelling with us in my car and forgot her slippers for the journey home.

As ever, Mr Reliable was way ahead of us, and had the tent sorted when we arrived. By this point, I had an upset stomach and was worrying about running. We went for a wander round the course, shouting for the young athletes from Birtley, and there were quite a few; can only hope they enjoy and stay with the sport and compete right through to senior level, cos after all they are the future of our club.


I am now its history at my age, *pause to wipe away a tear*. I do enjoy these events, even when I spectate, and that was how I decided to spend my day today. The terrain was not going to be good for my foot, and yes…… I bottled it! I think it was the right thing to do as many were commenting how hard under foot if was, and mainly suggesting trainers instead of spikes. Pah! If you don’t need spikes it isn’t a proper cross country anyway.

I wandered round chatting to many athletics colleagues from other clubs, and even managed to get on a picture with Tyne Bridge ladies team photo, #photobombed

The ladies fielded a depleted team of 5 (I think) led home by Ms Price after the day before helping the ‘young’ senior ladies take 8th place in the national relays. Chloe finished second from the medium pack, with a 4th fastest time in the race. Kirsty finished 14th so I reckon that should be her moving up a pack. That won’t help the team results, but having been there (in my younger days) I have to say it is soooo much better running from a chasing pack.

Photo courtesy of MS Photos

Photo courtesy of MS Photos

Meanwhile, the lads were missing Jeff and Rob fresh back from their Kielder marathon adventure, I didn’t run because I still had a slice of hot and spicy grooved in my stomach, Jamie and Chris Tiff missing also…… There’s 5 regulars, and we still had 14 runners out in the field.

So we had a good day running, the weather stayed dry although Stephanie was starting to get cold towards the end cos she only had 7 layers on. Journey home was ok, apart from trying to get to the main road, some nugget had parked their motor home right in front of the direction signs posted by marshals. So I was one of a dozen or so who missed the turn and ended up in a dead end. Apart from that, it was ok, roads a bit busy through Newcastle but we were home in time for tea.

I think the next one is Temple Park, Sherman Cup. No hot pizza for me the night before!! You see, mistakes are fine so long as you learn from them!!!!!


Thanks as always to our “club” photographers, Julie Geddes, John Geddes, Darren Fairclough, Stephen Heywood, Jeff Johnston, Gary Curtis and Rob Wilson.

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