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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 13, 2016

Lest we forget…13 November cos it’s the nearest Sunday to 11th

Same routine as ever, preparation the night before was a Chinese curry, and a bottle of wine. They do say red wine is high in iron, an important ingredient for stamina production, so I suppose a small tipple the night before can be justified.

I had arranged to pick Mrs Young up on the way through, at 9:15, but the text arrived at 8:15, advising me that 9:30 would be a better time, course it would, extra 15 minutes in bed, great, that is what weekends are for recharging your batteries.

I really need to organise myself better, went off to run with Adrian and Chloe without any breakfast or even a drink. Anyway we went to pick up Stephanie for 9:30 as instructed. As we turned the car round in her cul de sac, she skipped down the drive with today’s choice of music. It’s Remembrance Day, so we drove out the street to the sound of the marching bands. Tunes that she had marched to whilst in the army (TA) there, bet you didn’t know she had been a captain in the medical corps…Crimea I believe. 😏

We arrived at the race HQ in plenty of time to get numbers and prepare, it was nice and warm inside but we dragged ourselves out and walked across to the starting area with Phil and Lorna. By the time we arrived the juniors were out running, so we warmed up in an adjacent field, then returned to the start area to remove our woolly jumpers etc and prepare for the start. I don’t know quite how long the respectful silence was, but it seemed like 4 minutes not 2.

I am not sure how many ran the race, but once again I got it wrong. I started too near the back and the field of runners was too big to get through on the narrow paths, which I always do. It stops me going off too fast and losing it in the middle. I tend to try to pick up the pace as I go through, but this time I think I may have placed myself too far back. Never mind you deal with what you have and crack on. I was near Kirsty Walker and told her we should run together as we were both aiming for similar times.

The first lap we ran together, but as we passed her family supporters at halfway I tried to push on and Kirsty came with me. I started to struggle at about 4 miles and Kirsty came past me. It must have been around this point that Adrian finished *sigh*

Kirsty pulled away from me, but I was determined that I wouldn’t let her run away . I drew on her strength, and started planning the last 2km in my mind. I knew the route and decided once I passed through the gate I would start working to get back to her, but it didn’t work for me. Just couldn’t do it. When we turned the last corner, I saw the finish line and somehow found bit more.

I chased down the last 400m and was over the moon with the time I achieved, knocked 13 seconds off the target I had set myself thinking it unrealistic, and a further 2 minutes off what I thought was a reasonable goal. Think Kirsty was happy with her run too as she knocked a good chunk off her PB. Make her feel good…..FB message her and ask what she did.

After the race we got printouts of our time and position, which is great service. I remember the days we had to wait till a week on Thursday for the results…if they were published in the papers. Then, back to race HQ and wait for presentation. By now I am sitting with a nice cup of coffee (thanks Stephanie) waiting for presentation. Birtley did well, didn’t see any juniors there, but it was CYP at our club that day which probably explains it.

Adrian finished in 4th place overall, Chloe was fastest lady in the race according to the chip timing, but passed the finish in 2nd place, Lorna was 7th lady, and along with Kirsty they were given 3rd ladies team.

Nice day for a run, then back to the car and home with Stephanie’s CD playing way… “It’s a long way to Tiperary…

Those of you who like an old picture, see if you recognise anyone on this picture. As a clue, there are some big names in this, at the front, the picture is about 22 years old and is the same race as today, but when it was on the coast road. This is Etherstones road, and somewhere in the middle is Tommy Millmore, can you find him???



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