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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

May 5, 2016

May the fourth be with you…

National Star Wars day…May 4th be with you.

I love the relays and the vets leagues even better, great craic and I don’t have to run against Adrian, Tom, Conna and Kieran which means at least we are competitive and don’t look stupid!

The down side of it is that the fulltime workers (pointed remark) have to rush to get to them, and by the time you have chatted afterwards it’s a long (but pleasant) day.

So we all arrived from different directions as most of the full timers had travelled straight from work, but we all arrived and as usual Gary was there first, and did captains duties in my absence. It was a nice day, luckily cos he hadn’t brought the tent which meant getting changed in the boot of the car for the shy ones, and in the car park for the bold.

Our 2 fairer teams were reduced to 1 as one of the fairer team was just about completely injured, shame really as I know two of them love the event, and the third we were trying to ease into competing for us.

2016-05-05 17.02.15

The fair team, who will from here be referred to as the lasses, were Lisa, 1st leg, Lorna, 2nd leg…and finally my mate Ruth, training partner from what seems ages ago when we trained for London together. Now the lasses have form here, I am sure the last 2 if not 3 years they have medalled at this event and this was not going to change.

Lisa ran a great first leg, handing over to Lorna in 4th place, then off went Lorna, and Lisa was straight back on the course to support Lorna, who handed over to Ruth in 2nd place, and she also went straight off to join the supporters to give Ruth a shout. Ruth ran a strong leg holding on to a medal position and bringing home the bronze. Now, do you think we should make them all stand at the front next week to collect their medals??

A little bit craic afterwards, and Ruth and Lorna had to dash off to feed their bairns, but before leaving, Ruth told me her pace, and I told her then I would be a second quicker when I wrote this…and sure enough, I was a second per mile quicker (wink wink).

Then off went the main event, the men, we had 3 and 2/3 teams out as work commitments not age related issues, depleted our teams.


We set Peter Gill off first leg in what was our strongest team, Peter fresh, or not so, from the Sunderland half ran a good strong first leg and handed over in a possibly top 10-15 place with Nick not too far behind, Ian Goulding leading ‘my team’ off. Pat and Ped running the incomplete team.

Gary Curtis , now one of the first names on the team sheet ran second leg for Peter with Lee following from Peter and the marathon man Johnston running our second leg. Great to see at the end whoever had been keeping an eye on Gabriel while Gary ran, cos when Gary finished his leg Gabriel was 12 foot up a tree. I am sure I saw a picture on FB of that. (Here it is for those who missed it)


The final legs were run by Phil, Iain Turnbull (who because of his youthfulness made one team compete as young vets 35-44) and myself. Youtube video here. For myself I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and couldn’t help but smile when Lee shouted at me with 600m to go, that the bloke in front ‘had a pony tail’ so I had to catch him…..but didn’t quite. At this point I was running like C3PO. (tenuous Star Wars day link)






Good performances all round, especially the lasses who delayed our departure cos we had to hang round to claim their medals.

Following presentations, we adjourned to the Lord Nelson, and rehydrated ourselves. We bumped into a couple of race official/organisers, and thanked them for putting the event on. They were a couple of canny blokes as when Lisa was leaving they joined us and stood to applaud her effort as she left the building.

Great evening and I got home from work about 10pm yesterday. Just a normal day for a dad! I would think a gold star for Gary too for getting Gabriel home in one piece as well…Shannel, you wouldn’t believe how high he was jumping out that tree from.


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