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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 12, 2015

Newcastle Half Marathon – report by Pat Kelly

Pedro, Stephanie and I made the decision to run the Newcastle Half Marathon, which was held on 1st November. YB was there to provide moral support and encouragement, and he also took this photo for us:-
town moor half

The race was held in nearly ideal conditions. Who would have thought that November in Newcastle could produce temperatures of 18/19c. It was a little bit too warm though towards the end. I was expecting conditions similar to those experienced at the Blyth Sands earlier this year and certainly not warm and sunny with the potential of getting sunburnt.

The race was excellently organised by George Routledge and the team from Heaton Harriers via the North East Marathon Club. The race headquarters was situated in one of the huts by the lake, which provided somewhere safe and secure to place bags. The race was excellently stewarded with representatives from a few clubs. Drink stations offering water, juice, bananas and jelly babies were spread across the course.

The half marathon and full marathon started off at the same time and shared the same course. The Marathon started off for 5 laps, whereas the Half Marathon started with 2 ½ laps. This meant both sets of runners started running towards different parts of the course albeit from nearly the same place.

The race was held on the paths within the Town Moor and the course was open to members of the public as well as the herd of cows that graze on the moor. The Moor was quiet throughout the morning with the public offering gentle support and encouragement. The course was flattish with only one incline at the Grandstand Road Side. The course followed a meandering route of the Moor, and was different to those undertaken in the past for the Park Run, Heaton Memorial Race and Elswick Cup. Roll on next week for the Heaton Memorial race which will be run on the same paths which will hopefully be well represented by Birtley AC.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning. My energy levels started to dip after mile 9 and it was a real struggle after that. Determination meant I was able to finish but the last 4 miles took over an hour. All told Pedro, Stephanie and I all had great races and achieved our aims. Sometimes the time taken to complete a race does not represent the true achievement and should not be the only measure to say whether the race was a success or failure. Enjoyment plays a major part.

The Café in the Park was open after the race and we all met for a post- race coffee. The discussion after the race centred on what training should be undertaken before a half marathon. The common consensus was to train for a marathon and that would make a half marathon feel easier.

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