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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

February 18, 2017

Royal Signals relays

Well you know it is going to be a big race when Adrian tells you there are some good teams out, and then adds, I don’t mean good runners, I mean teams full of good runners.

Signals relays have always been popular. I remember running in them around the Team Valley since then there have been a couple of new venues, but Hetton Lyons currently used presents a great site, with a testing course. The route starts between the pavillion and the ‘pond’ goes 300 metres down hill then straight into a canny hill. So you need to be prepared and properly warmed up, cos almost straight away you have a lung buster. Flat along the top, then downhill to pond level, then the long drawn out climb to drain you, then if you can, push hard 150metres down to the start/finish line… Oh, and then round again cos it’s a two lapper.

As I sit at home watching the football, writing this I still don’t have any results, so there could be discrepancies in the write up, but although unofficial, I believe the results will show that I beat Adrian’s time by a second. If the results don’t show that, it will be another admin error where they have mixed the two Bailes’ times up. 😉

Only one race today, it was seniors only, and we were short of the mums who were travelling to Essex with their little darlings. So, there was only Birtley interest in the men’s race. We actually entered one senior and two vet teams, but that changed at registration when it was pointed out that in this event, one of our vets was actually a senior. It was too late to swap the teams round, so I crossed out vet, and wrote senior. I think our second senior team average age was around 45 compared to Adrian’s team average of around 25. Now that could have made a good story couldn’t it!!

Anyway we had now a senior team, with two ‘guests’ helping the seniors in the form of Lewis McConnel and Dillon Openshaw both who just reached the minimum age for the race. Adrian struggles to get a full senior team and normally borrows a couple of vets. He made an enquiry and then asked the question, and they were both very happy to join in the race. They were put in the middle legs to take away any pressure, and they both enjoyed it, and did themselves proud!! Bit of a stepping stone towards senior competition for them, Adrian said he hoped it would be a good experience for them and hoped they enjoyed it.

Then we had another mature senior team, and just managed the complete vets team as Peter Gill appeared from nowhere, having landed at 9:00 this morning from Malaysia. He just turned up to watch, in his trainers and vest ‘just in case’. Great team playing eh?

Once again a great days running, I haven’t seen any times yet, was quite happy with mine, until Karl and Rob both beat me and said they were disappointed with their performances. To be fair, I am a bit maturer than both of them…

I know I am mildly biased, and I didn’t see everyone’s run, but I have to say after one lap Adrian was sitting with the leading pack of 6, but as he approached handover, he was comfortably in second place, and the other notable performances were from the young lads, who grew up in sport today. They ran well, and didn’t let the occasion get to them, good mental test, if not physical, and they both passed with flying colours, well done everyone!!!

That’s my last race now until 5th of March when I do Cambridge half marathon, but next week is the Nationals at Nottingham. Have a nice day out. 😏

YB – Provisional Results Here

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