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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 2, 2016

So slow I even missed April fools day…

This is such an unlikely tale, you would never be able to write this as a script, but hey, am gonna try!

I don’t remember how it all started, not sure if it was Tommy, or Adrian who discovered that the 12 stage was going to be local this year, being hosted by Sunderlands running club at Silksworth Sports Complex.

A general enquiry around the seniors and vets showed considerable interest in the men, and to be honest I don’t know if at first the ladies were even aware of it, which makes the result more amazing. We had 18 expressions of interest, some keen, but others just prepared to make the team complete. We were talking about it at home and I just laughed and told Adrian ‘no way will I make the team, 12 stage? I may get in the middle of the ‘c’ team’ but with 2 days to go I was drafted in, along with juniors coach Gary Curtis and Richard Hopkins…and then with only a couple hours notice Rob Wilson completed the runners dozen.

Meanwhile Shannel was going to try to get a girlie team. A much easier task as she only had to press gang 6 ladies, that again were supported by the vets, as they managed 4 bairns and two vets, all who ran last week at Elswick.

Ade, Chloe and me were first there………apart from the tent pixies who had already been there an hour and put the tent up for us. We went and registered the teams then hung round the tent for a while until a few more turned up, and then we took a short tour round the course, 500 metres from the end there was a canny incline, and boy was I glad I only had to do one lap.

The two races were run simultaneously which I thought could cause problems for the change over funnels, but nothing of the sort, the ladies started 5 minutes behind the men, and it seemed to work well. Tracy ran the first leg for the women and handed over in 5th place after the first long leg, then Lorna and Ruth ran the next two short legs and Chloe ran the second long leg and that left Sophie B, and Amber Leigh running the final short legs, Amber getting the glory leg, and each and every one of them did what was expected, and more, Amber bringing them home in 4th place. This was a great result, in 30 years I believe just our third time to participate in the event.

2016-04-02 22.00.42

Click on the pic above for full results.


The men set off with Adrian running a good strong first long leg, getting a good start was crucial as this was the Northerns not just a local event, competing agains Salford, Bingley, and some very strong teams, and although we had our big guns out, we did also however have me running 9th leg. The legs 1-3-5-and 7 were the long legs run by Adrian, Kieran, Keith Robertshaw, and Peter Farnie. The short legs were Tom, Rob Wilson, Gary Curtis, Jamie Graham, myself (still don’t know how I ended up selected) Richard Hopkins Dave Coulson and Nick Newby.

The performances were generally great (myself excepted). We ran miles watching our team mates run, running up and down the embankment at the side of the track.

One of the highlights of the afternoon, and there were a few, was the last leg, Nick Newby. I swear if they put a timer on him from the handover, he would have pb’d on the 200 m he started on the track. Refreshing to see the effort, and commented on by many.

2016-04-02 22.06.20

As above, click on pic for full results.


Meanwhile, following a photo call, and their posting on FB when we reached the car, Chloe asked Adrian if you could see her double chin on the pictures. Has to be quote of the season that one 😀

Oh, and when you look at the results, the short leg was 2.2 miles, and the long leg was 4.0 miles. Ignore my time… That must have been a mistake…but the mistake may have been putting me in the team. Well done my team mates, and thanks for letting me run with yous.

(Without YB, there wouldn’t even have been a team #everymancounts – Val)

When we left, the car then turned the wrong way as we left the car park, it wasn’t such a good day for me. :(


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