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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

July 24, 2015

Summer Racing by Pat Kelly

17 June 15

Newburn River Run

It was held on a Wednesday evening in Newburn – who could ask for anything more. The race is an unusual length (6.6 Miles or so) and follows the path from Newburn Leisure Centre to Wylam, across Wylam Bridge then down to Newburn Bridge, finally cross Newburn bridge and then it is a short distance back to the Leisure Centre. It is mostly traffic free along country paths.

The course is flattish – very slight inclines at places. The only uphill section being a 20 yard climb to get onto Newburn Bridge at the end of the race. It was well marshalled so you could not get lost. There are some historic sights along the route – George Stephenson’s Cottage in Wylam.

The course is very familiar, as it brings back memories from when I grew up in the area. There was a very slight change to the course brought on by the development work at Ryton Golf club but it was nothing major.

No T shirt but you do get a reasonable supper.

21 June 2015

Lambton 10 K Run

Pedro, Keith and I made the relatively short journey to the Lambton Estate, home of the former Lambton Lion Park. The entrance to the Estate was just off Bonemill Lane. Pedro and Keith had pre-entered and I was a pay on the day.

Before the race there were a few jokes about there being a few Lions which had escaped the old Lion Park and now living feral in the woods. For those of a certain age – the majority of schools appeared to have visited Lambton Lion Park. There was another joke which was quite amusing but not for really for a general audience.

It was a nice atmosphere throughout the race. The weather was not too bad overcast with occasional drizzle which made for nearly ideal running conditions. The course is undulating through the grounds of the Lambton Estate. It is on multi terrain. The race is well attended with a mix of club and non-club runners. Tip for next year wait till the entry comes up on Groupon to get a substantial discount on entry.

The course is different to what I remember from a few years ago. Given the size of the Estate it could be a different course every year. It was highly enjoyable course that was winding. The memory of the last hill is still with me. The hill seemed to be at the wrong camber and seemed to go on forever. The finish was slightly strange. Overall well worth running.

5 July 2015

Gateshead 10k

Not a lot I can remember of this day. It was a very warm sunny day. There was a large Birtley AC presence at the race. The runners were packed into pens based on their anticipated finishing times. It was fully chipped. I remember seeing YB at the start of the race and the First/Second mile. After that a combination of the heat and health issues meant the rest of the race was a bit of a blur.

Thank you to Tyne Bridge Harriers who kindly assisted otherwise I may not have finished the race. The time was not anything to write home about.

16 July 15

Birtley 5K Handicap

Not sure if this qualifies as a race – but I treated it as one from the off.

In theory a simple concept for a race, but in reality it is difficult to achieve. Runners start off at different times with the aim for the runners to finish at the same time. YB achieved it with help from a number of people both club and non-club members. Too many people to mention but many thanks to all for an enjoyable evening. Hope YB enjoyed his pint – well deserved.

To put a perspective on it – if it is difficult to coordinate for one handicap race then to co-ordinate two handicap races on the same course at the same time and to get the very narrow spread of times for all of the runners is quite an achievement. I opted for the 5K handicap rather than the 10k handicap. I still have bad memories of Gateshead 10K.

I ran to the start point for the 5K race from home so it felt as if I had ran the 10K course even though it was just the 5 K course. The 5K race started on the line at High Handenhold, just up from the bridge. The course was downhill all the way to the bridge just by the Wheatsheaf. The course is fast and will assist in producing a season’s best PB. The only slight downside or upside to the course is the familiarity – you know when to speed up and relax.

I am looking forward to the next handicap race and will try the 10k course. YB be kind with the 10K handicap time please!

Birtley handicap

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