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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Brian Bailes

August 1, 2017

Thank you and good night….till next year.

The Masters track GP season drew to a close tonight. The finale was a great couple of relays at the end. The last couple of events have, for one reason or another…normally work or injury …been only Shannel and myself competing.

Tonight we had eight athletes turn out, and even had some travelling support. The event was great as ever, and as ever I have come away with my head hung. I didn’t hit the time I wanted, although, I was quite happy with my run, I just think maybe I am not quite where I thought I was. In my defence, I have had a lot on this last month, and was flattened by the worst manflu you could imagine only two weeks ago.

But the rest of the team took part in other events, we had 3 in the 800, Lorna ran the 200, 800 and both relays, which incidentally completed the men’s team…organised by number 2 son and his best mate. Peter Gill made an appearance and completed the team after planning on just supporting. Lee Drummond turned up for the relays and spent the night wishing he had come earlier so he could have done the 200 which he had fancied.

Rob Wilson went and ran the 200 as a test to see if the injury would hold out for the relays. Hope his Physio doesn’t read this. 😯 .

Jeff Johnson did throws and sprints as well as the relays, and Ian and Jamie did running and jumping. You know what? We all loved it!!

It was a great night, as Lee said, it was fun, just like the “dads race”. Phill Atkinson came along with Alex, and I think he fancies a try next year, I definitely think there will be more of us there next year.

36143768282_6c3acce255_zPhoto courtesy of George Routledge

Very big sorry for getting us disqualified in the 4 X 100, Adrian’s fault, he should have known I don’t do “running bends”. But on that issue, in the 4×400 relay over the three races, I believe we had the fastest team by about 10 seconds or so.

Great craic, atmosphere and competition. The league is over for now, but I will be shouting out for the other NEMAA events soon…


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