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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

October 2, 2016

Well that’s the first one done…

October the 1st, Wrekenton harrier league. It had to be better than last X country, the relays at Farringdon, it is ok making mistakes so long as you learn from them, and generally speaking I did. What I am saying is, this time I was better prepared and didn’t have to keep turning round and go home for my jacket, or my spikes, or anything else that I had forgotten at the relays.

I didn’t know what to expect on the cross country course this week, been running ok in training on the roads, but I am still not strong on hills, and when I got to the course it was awful. Long, tuffty and raggy and that was just some of the haircuts, nope, that’s just me being mean. The course was fine, the grass was lumpy and messy off the course, which worried me cos I still worry about this right foot of mine. Next week it will be 2 years since the accident but I still need some security for my foot. I went round the course with Stephanie and Shannel and to be honest that was quite reassuring. It also made up my mind, and I decided to run in trainers not spikes which for me was the right decision.

The races were for the first time chip timed this season, and so the results were out even quicker than ever so well done to the volunteers who organise the harrier leagues, who this year included our very own Val Baxter who whilst injured is still being part of the harrier league weekends. (Editor’s note – the results were still input manually as the chips are still being tested! ) The results were on line shortly after I arrived home, and some great results, Chloe first big girlie , by the last field, and she and Adrian I believe actual times were 4th and 5th fastest runs of the day well done to them….. And everyone else who ran. :)

Anyway, backtracking to the opening statement, … As I prepared for my run, it became apparent that my Garmin was still on the bench at home :o.

The race I ran disappointing, no rain, no mud, and the sun was actually blazing down when I ran. I left the acrobatics to Ruth, who fell at the same place I did last year, but she went one better than me, cos she fell twice… But picked herself up and still finished.

I don’t know really what I feel about my run, think I did ok, but cannot check on Garmin if I was constant or erratic paced. I think I did ok my pace was 7 1/2 minute miles so on that course, was ok. Linda was happy that she didn’t have loads of muddy clothes to wash, and thanks to Nick Newby who took my hoodie home for Joanne to wash… When you iron it Joanne please don’t put creases down the sleeves. 😉


Party night after celebrating the mud fest that should have been as we went for a Ruby afterwards.

Looking forward to Druridge Bay next week. :)


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