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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

August 17, 2015

Wet Wallington by Patrick Kelly

29 July 2015

Run Northumberland – Wallington Hall

Start 19:15

Pedro and I made the journey to Wallington Hall late on Wednesday afternoon. The weather had been intermittent rain all day but looked as if the weather had broken and it was going to be fine, how wrong I was.

We had both pre-entered the race and collected the numbers via the race administration in the grounds of Wallington Hall. The race started in the village of Cambo just over half a mile away from Wallington Hall. The race was a new one for me. Also new were two new Vests spotted on some of the race contestants. The first was the new vest for Heaton – a green vest with their badge in the middle. The other was a purple vest with Gold hoop with the initials AHRC – If you read further will explain for those who do not know at the end of the article.

The race started at Cambo. The walk up to Cambo was spoiled by the swarm of flies that followed the runners. The race was held on very quiet country roads and was chipped. The roads were not blocked off but there was little or no traffic seen during the race. The first 2k of the race was a downhill section. Had to be careful to ensure did not start off too fast and burn out during the race. The next 2 k was flattish with slight inclines. At this point the weather started to turn and there was now a slight drizzle. This made it almost perfect running conditions. The uphill sections started at the 4 k marker till about the 6 K marker. There were some serious undulations but nothing too severe. The legs started to feel heavy at this point. It is not a flat course.

The next 4k were slightly undulating with a steady climb till Cambo was reached. Then there was a downhill section to the end. Between 7k and 8K the heavens opened with a tremendous downpour which continued well after I finished the race. It was like standing underneath a lukewarm shower at full blast. I think this must be the new shoe curse. Both Pedro and I were wearing new shoes at the race. The last time new shoes were worn coincided with the flooding at Chester le Street Riverside during the Park Run when the course flooded during the run. The weather conditions made the last 2.5k of the race difficult. The shoes accumulated enough water to make them feel three times as heavy as they were when dry. There was nothing dry at all – and there was a small stream running at the side of the road in the last k. The only nice thing about the rain was it kept the flies away.

The end of the race finished under the clock Tower at Wallington Hall. A medal for completion was given and T shirts provided to those that had pre-ordered one. Substantially better time than the last 10k at Gateshead and was pleased with the result. It was a scenic race with all of the undulations expected of a race in Northumberland.

Finally AHRC stands for Ashington Hirst Runing CLub. They had a major presence at the race.

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