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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 15, 2013

Marathon man

First diary entry 15.11.2013


Having followed through the democratic process of applying for the clubs entry for the Virgin London Marathon, I am excited by the fact it has been agreed that I should be allowed the clubs official entry for next year.

I have downloaded a training schedule that I will follow a variation of, making changes that I feel necessary when my body tells me I am too old for the amount of training I am doing. I hope to mix my sessions including swimming and cycling in a way that should help me build up my endurance and strength without it taking its toll on my ageing body and joints.

I will write a diary of my progress, and have it posted on the website in case any of you should be remotely interested in why I am looking so tired and gaunt. It will hopefully be a light hearted look at my progress, but will also tell of the pain and stresses it puts on my body. I will also post some of my training runs in case anybody would like to meet me over the weekends or mid week and keep me company on a run, and as the runs get longer, I would probably appreciate the company more, and if they are too long to run, ……if you can ride a bike???

At the moment, my goal is just to finish it in one piece, but I will hopefully be able to change that goal and set myself some targets as I progress through the schedule.

So, follow my story and development, and ask me about it at the club, cos I am sure I am going to need a lot of interest, and encouragement to get me through this event.


Brian’s blog, along with other member’s diary entries, can be followed here – add the link to your bookmark to check out future updates.

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