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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

November 21, 2014

6 Weeks On And How Are You Doin’

Well I am 6 weeks on from my enforced running sabbatical but hey, haven’t lost my interest in yous all. I still come weekly to see you all and haven’t missed many of the races lately, although I have attended in a supportive capacity rather than competitive role.

I didn’t make it to Sheffield for the Northern x country relay champs, because my foot was too fat to risk the journey, never mind walking round a field on crutches. I did make it to Mansfield though, and witnessed some good racing from the younguns, and half a senior team. Great to see that, you never know, next year we may be able to get a full senior team for the first time.

I had a long day out at the Town Moor on 9th of November. Some very good racing there, canny turn out from the younger groups, as ever Birtley trying hard and doing themselves and the club proud.

The under 20 5k race made me smile. Adrian winning, as he had last year, and the majority of his training group coming through to cheer him on. The bit that I thought amusing? Adrian said that he had kicked at the 4k marker, and then about 500 metres further along the route he came to the …… 4k marker. Turns out that the first one was for the 10k race, so when he kicked ‘flat out’ it was for 1500m not 1000m hence he looked wrecked on the run in :) I like to see him work hard.

The big boys and girls race was 10k. At this point my toes were throbbing, and I felt I had been in every race by now. Good performances all round, Neil Allen in the top 20 also the lasses all putting in good efforts, with two pb’s from the women. Not just any PB though, a 2 minute pb and 1 minute pb great progress keep it going. 😉

Was good seeing Ed at the club twice lately, but I reckon if we were to have a race on the sticks, I would just edge it. Hopefully he will be back soon, best wishes to you Ed, think you have had some bad luck with infections…

The update from me is; I am repairing but still got fat purple toes as soon as I move my legs from horizontal. Trying hard to get back to work before Xmas, and would like to be starting exercise in the new year, but the consultant, well he just smiles and walks away shaking his head. Going to have to start doing something soon though. I have started expanding outward and in the immortal words from the Kaiser Chiefs in 2004, “I predict a diet” *young ones will need to google that*

Wouldn’t be fair to write a whole page without giving our Lyds a mention. Becoming quite the young jet setter, popping across to sunny Spain, although in a brief interview she did tell me it was freezing. However as most of us sat glued to our laptops and tv’s she only just went and won the race outright for team GB by 18 seconds from the next athlete. A great ambassador for Birtley, and a credit to herself and her coach, Tommy.

Good luck to the half dozen or so that Tommy is taking to Liverpool next weekend. I think it is also the qualifiers for the European championships for the under 20’s, so good luck with that as well. Oh and happy 18th birthday Lydia. 😉


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