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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 1, 2017

Aykley heads… Part 2!

Most sincere apologies for this tardy little article, but unfortunately I work as well as running and sometimes that takes up a lot more time than I have. So, a brief detail about the results from Aykley Heads, and this only applies to the senior/vets race.

With the ‘North Easterns’ traditionally being used to decide who the club champion would be for the year, it was decided last year that the vets results would be age graded to give everyone a reasonable chance to compete for the title of club champion.

The reason for this was with the reduction of the veteran category age from 40 to 35, it meant that a runner aged, for example 60, could be competing against someone as young as 35, and for that to be realistic the older athlete would need to be something special. It also means that someone 40 running ahead of someone 50 cannot just settle for being ahead because once the calculations are carried out the gap Gould be closed or even reversed. Hopefully this gives everyone a fair chance to be the club champion.

I did make everyone aware of this system as far as I could before the start, I have calculated the men’s results, and Shannel the girls results. It is rather a shame that we only had 2 senior men running, their results are not amended. Also there were no senior ladies team, there were only 3 vet ladies (although when you see the names you just won’t believe they are vets!!!)

So, the fairer athletes first eh?


There were only 2 senior men, Adrian and Neil, and finally we have the corrected vet men’s results.


If you look at the first time, that is the actual time from the race officials, but you can see how the grading changes the order, which I personally think makes it more interesting and competitive. If you don’t agree, by all means let us know at one of our monthly meetings, and we can revisit and consider any proposals.


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