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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 29, 2017

Do as I say, not as I do…

Big advocate of not overdoing racing, even training I think quality can be better than quantity. But , this week my diary is chocker with racing, I ran the Neptune relays on Wednesday evening and last night (Friday) I ran a trail race at Soooth Sheelz with Lee Drummond. I am doing the Sand Dancer tomorrow (or yesterday, if this takes long to get this on line) and on Wednesday it is the Masters relays at Bedewell park Jarrow. Four races in 8 days…..far too many!!

Anyway after the usual hard day at work, I headed off to Soooth Sheelz for the trail run. I was concerned about the journey cos there are roadworks near John Reid Road, but everyone must finish early on Fridays cos I got straight through and was there before the race director arrived. 😯

I rang Lee on the way there, but he wasn’t ready, still had some ironing to finish. He had been off work so taken advantage of it being a good drying day. I sat in the car listening to the radio and 20 minutes later Lee and I were registering , and collecting our numbers. This was a completely new event for me, never been there before, but when we warmed up and ran a lap of the course I recognised it from a training run I had done with Lee earlier in the year. It was round the quarry site opposite the caravan site near Marsden grotto.

The course was quite a testing loop, started off flat, then a bit of undulation, but almost halfway round it literally went up the side of the quarry face. Granted it zigged and zagged up, but three laps, I certainly felt the last two, which were the third and fourth, cos we ran up it on the recce lap. The end of the lap was 150m of down hill which suggests by how steep it was, that there had been a lot of uphill!

Lizard course

I have to say we ran a social run, we weren’t trying to win, made a conscious decision that with the Sand dancer only two days away that was a more important run to us, so let’s enjoy it. We started at the back, absolutely, we were last across the start line. Started off canny, but as we started the second lap, I said to Lee that the goal isn’t to win, Just keep it constant, maybe wind it up a bit towards the end, and anyone you pass is a bonus, but make sure no one passes us. I think we did it, don’t remember getting passed. Results here

After the race, participation medals for us, we didn’t win but still got a medal. Presentation was made in the race headquarters which was the White Horse, a local hostelry 30 metres from the start line.

It was a great run, I loved it, apart from the ‘cliff face’ part of it. If the weather is as kind next year definitely one to put in the diary to do again. The pub did good beer, and they put bands on Friday nights. So if nothing changes next year, we will be trying to send a squad across and ‘do’ a bit social after.

Tell you what….. Ya gonna be sick of reading me by next week, Sand Dancer on Sunday.


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