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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

April 15, 2017

Elswick Good Friday Relays 2017

I am not the best riser when I am off work, but I had a late night last night so that didn’t help much either. I woke at 7:30 ish but I must have dozed off as I waited for Linda bringing me my coffee and bacon sandwich. So nearly 9 o clock, and I was just about awake, and starting to think about getting up.

I didn’t have time for breakfast cos the road to the race, as far as I could remember, was normally busy, so quickly prepared for the race and headed off. When I arrived I believe our young athletes had already run. I am so glad I had my children when I was VERY young, cos nowadays I don’t need to get up early and take my bairns… Now they take themselves, and run in the same race as me. Anyway, the news on the street was, that the young girls had run very well. We thought we had an under 11 in third place, and an under 13 in second place. As I write this we only have confirmation that Tess Graham was second, and along with Scarlett and Abigail, they won first team prize……😉

Ladies race was interesting. Two senior teams, and what I like to see, an under 17 team competing in the same race. Always like to see the young’uns running with the erm…. mature lasses. It is like the start of their transition from junior athletes to senior. Even though they are in a separate race, they are still standing on the start line next to the likes of Laura Weightman, and if they can do that now, it will be easy in 3 or 4 years time.

Some faces returning this week, Phillipa Chambers back home from Uni, and Kirsty Walker, in her first race that I have seen since injury last year…at Durham, North Easterns I think. Good to see that, Tracy, squeezing a 2.2 miler in just before London next week, Sophie B bringing them home in 5th place. Lorna , Kelly and Kirsty were the B team.

Under 17s were Amy Jack, Eve Southern and Sophie Bell. Sterling efforts, by all three; full results here. Next came the main event. *snigger* I don’t think we have ever medalled in this event, but this was going to be as close as we have ever been so far. Adrian started the race for the A team, left the line of sight with the lead group, and then reappeared to hand over in first place 15 yards clear (that’s about 14 metres to those who went to school in the eighties not seventies) Editor’s note – Adrian ran third fastest leg of the day, with a time of 10.25. Adrian handed over to Tom, who handed over to Jamie then Kieran ran the final leg. Great runs by all the team but a surprise later. At least one team took a short cut, turning at the first roundabout instead of second. One of those actually beat our lads, so after disqualification, the A team moved up to 4th place.

The B team had two of the younger lads sandwiched between the older seniors. Steve Barker running 1st leg handing over to Dillon, who handed over to Lewis, and Chris Tiffen running their glory leg. It’s the second time these lads have run in a relay and once again did themselves and the team proud. Definite talent for the future of the club.

The vets competing in the same race, but a little further back. I was really nervous, running leg 3 following from Peter and Nicky. I have just been promoted to the vets A team and was running with a sore leg, which was probably in my mind cos once I got running, didn’t bother me at all. I set off, and ran like a total novice, I am sooo annoyed with myself. I have been running so well in training but today got it wrong big style.

My first mile was dead easy, but my second felt like 3. I lost a minute in my pace for the second mile, that should never happen to someone who has run as long as me, then the last 0.2 mile I found that pace again… So now I am wondering if I was tired and weary, or if I was just weak…maybe even mentally!!! I handed over to Jamie, and to be honest I wasn’t too upset with my time overall, but the pacing was dreadful. Editor’s note – 8th team out of 35, pretty good I reckon!

Injury/fatigue/family commitments prevented a complete B team, but Shaun, Ian and ‘Ped’ ran incomplete, and I believe they were happy with their times.

All in all a canny morning run, then home to paint my hard boiled egg for my bairns after I had the car washed. There is a nice surprise for Chloe when she comes back round, obviously learned quickly what happens when you leave a dirty car on the drive next to mine…pfffft!

Happy Easter


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