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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

September 4, 2016

Farringdon Tri…

Saturday 3rd of Sept. I could feel the pressure, first proper X country of the season. That is on a great testing course, if not a bit narrow, but great for relays. It was Saturday, and we had managed to get a sprinkling of showers organised to break us in for the harrier league season and all the rain and snowy blizzards that we now look so forward to. Anyway that is nothing, it is just about running round a field smiling, anyone can do that. The hard bit? It was my turn to drive and after some of the rubbish music Shannel and Stephanie have played in their cars, I was determined to show them I had a classy music selection. I searched through my cd sets, Suzi Quatro, Mud, The Sweet, Slade, then I found it … the best rock album out, Smokies greatest hits, then off I went to collect my passenger with ‘living next door to Alice’ banging out.

So, in the absence of Mr Curtis, who was tanning himself in sunnier climes, I was nominated as tent monitor. I realised I have been up 90 minutes, had a hot bath, but no tea, nothing to drink, and I had no diesel in the car and no money for scran. I managed to fill the tank, then got some cash from cash point, and straight into the shop for a pastie just like 20 years ago.

I picked Stephanie up, and then it started to rain and I realised I didn’t have any rain wear, so I had to go home to pick my jacket and hat, so I could at least arrive at the start dry. And THAT ladies and gentleman is why I arrived late at the venue, sorry.

Write out 50 times, I must be better organised……

Racing started at 12 noon with the u/11 race, a shortened version of the senior course, a great experience for the bairns, as the bairns took part in what was for many of them, their first taste of X country. I remember both number 1 and 2 sons lining up for this race, back in the day; only one of them runs now. It was the start of a lot of fun, some stresses, but at the end of it some good friends and strong bonds built, it’s great.


Next race saw Chris Perkins come storming through clear by a country mile. Very impressive run!

I didn’t see much of the junior races, I tried to see some, but we had to sort the teams out, we had 16 athletes to split into groups of 4 man relay teams. Adrian asked for one of the vets to complete a team for him, and so the ‘honour/pressure’ fell on the shoulders of Peter Gill. The senior team had a great run, as we thought they would, and we believe finished in 4th overall. Probably the best senior result we have had, ever, at this event. It was nice to see Jamie back running and Dave Cleugh returning to the competitive field.

The course was canny, the normal route, not too muddy, a few negative cambers on the bends which were awkward, and the water jump was a bit wider and deeper than usual. Hence the title, the stream was almost enough to qualify for the open water swim of the triathlon. That is a jest, but no exaggeration, Adrian ran first leg and warned us all that the stream was over his knees. By the time I got there, 3rd leg, it was actually up to my waist as I jumped in. One of the lads commented that he jumped in and it came over his waist, and the wave came back at him from the bank, and drenched his chest!! I don’t know how it got so bad so quickly, but for safety’s sake they had changed the route for the girlies, to avoid the torrent.

FB_IMG_1472985302230Peter Gill getting his feet wet!

The girls lined up, same as the bairns, straight race not a relay. Shame really though cos in the straight race we had. 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th two seniors then two vets and two more following up later just to make sure!!

Afterwards some great craic and general banter. A few offers to help with the tent, that is always appreciated. To be honest though the tent is easier to do on your own, but if you would only take your rubbish with you, and your gear. Someone must have gone home either still in spikes, or barefoot cos I have a pair of pink trainers that were left in the tent. No idea whose they are, but they nearly got left in the field.

So, that is the first one done, let’s look forward to the next one, and I think we will take my car again, cos I have a much better rock selection. ;).

🎧🎤 needles and pins🎤🎧


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