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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 8, 2017

Herrington Park 7th Jan 2017

Well, first things first,happy new year. I hope Santa was good to you but by now please… You must have your trees down!

Club reopened Tuesday after the new year, that is for those who didn’t take advantage of the extra sessions put on by Tommy and Gary.. The first session we had was just a steady 50 minute run, to ease back in. I did to be honest gain a few pounds over Xmas. The fat blubbery kind, not the kind you buy ket with. I did think as I had maintained some form of training over the holidays, I had managed to get back to where I was at the beginning, but, how wrong was I? I felt fat heavy legged and really slow.

Thursday was a bit better, a parlaauf session, and I felt really good. I was looking forward to a race at the weekend, it was in my mind to do the Old Monks race at Hartlepool, a trail race. Then on Friday I get word that I need to be at the Herrington Park, so what do I do? I had a busy morning ahead of me Saturday, I won’t say I had my chores to do cos my ‘image’, well I bet you would laugh if you saw me in my pinny.

So in the morning I am still not sure if I am running, and popped through to Durham to get some trail shoes for my race on Sunday. By now, it is 10 to 1, and if I have to go up, I am wanting to watch the ladies run, and I am taking my gear just in case there isn’t a full team. So off we went to Pensher. There wasn’t a lot of parking, but what there was , free 😏 always makes it a bit better.

I arrived just about 5 minutes before the ladies race started, which was enough time to become the coat hanger for Lisa and Lorna, as they waited until their pack started, cos they run fast pack 🏃. The race started, and actually went completely the opposite way to what I expected at this site. After the fast pack set off I stored the ladies sweaters and went off to shout them through. I suppose the quote of the day came from Mrs Mumford, as she ran down the hill on the first lap and shouted, ‘it will be knee deep by the time you lot run’ and in places she was right.

Shortly after the ladies race the main event began. I had decided to run, although I may regret that tomorrow. The first lap was very interesting, it went out further than I thought, but was a hill, but a hill you could actually run. No need to walk. On the way out I thought it was quite a narrow course, but it sorted itself by the second lap. But at the end of each lap, there was a small bit of a wood to run through with some obstacles which made it interesting.

Three laps later, I am happy with how I did, and ok about my time. The hardest part about the day, was getting home without getting my car filthy inside! I did have the offer of a lift to the race, but luckily I wasn’t ready in time . Why lucky I hear you ask, well, I would have had to walk home if I had taken the lift cos she didn’t stay to watch, and went shopping!!! Anyway, Linda came with me cos she said she could watch me, and while there she could watch number 2 son trotting round.

Big shout for Shannel, who we think will be moving up a pack following today’s race. Well done!

Great turn out by the big lads, and great spirit in the team. Next race I will have a bin liner for you all to leave your dirty washing in to save Shannel having to collect it before she takes it all home to wash and iron. I believe the boots will be best given to Val, I hear she makes a thorough job of cleaning them.(It’s a vicious rumour – Val)

Pic courtesy of Sonia Kirtley

Pic courtesy of Sonia Kirtley

Well here goes for tomorrow, just three of us running wonder how today will have affected us…

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