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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

January 13, 2014

Marathon Diary Doodlings

Well this is week 9 I believe (starting to rely on Val to keep count for me).

I have 13 weeks to go now, and was starting to feel a bit concerned that the mileage I have been running wasn’t in my opinion enough. I have tapered off a bit this week, and feel quite good for it to be honest. On Saturday I did a parkrun and knocked 48 seconds off my PB for the course (Chester le Street, Riverside) Then I took part in a relay race (Cathedral Relays) which again was a shorter race, but unofficially I had a decent run. Still waiting for the official results, then I may not feel so good!! The taper should have been this week really, because I have the Brass Monkey to run on Sunday, so this week should have been my taper week. Never mind, I am working away next week, and that usually means a lot of running.

This week I will probably just run Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Might even volunteer for a parkrun on Saturday. It will just be steady runs; I know I have a busy 3 or 4 weeks of running ahead of me. This will be an opportunity to start increasing my mileage as I am only halfway there at the moment.

I am going to Staffordshire for a week straight after the Brass Monkey, then when I drive home from Staffordshire on Friday, up the M6 past Liverpool, ready to go back to Liverpool on the club bus on the Saturday for the Northerns, then back again on Monday night to Staffordshire for the week. The beauty of this is that when away from home you don’t have chores and stuff to do, so I will be out running every night, and will bet that I manage 10 miles every night while away. That should see me ready to increase the distance of my runs.

Following on from the second week away I have the owld geezer X-country Championships at Darlington, then I believe the following weekend is Wrekenton Harrier league, and then I have to start thinking hard about what I am doing. By then I will have received some expert help, I hope, from Mr Bloomfield; a veteran of over 40 marathons all under 3 hours!!

On the accommodation front, well nothing changed yet, I am in the hands of Keith, waiting for him to tell me where I need to be putting my cardboard box when I get to London.

I do appreciate that some people are starting to read my blog/inane banter. I have had some people passing comment, and may actually have found a relief running partner so that Dave doesn’t have to come and do all my runs with me. Once I get past the travelling for work, I am hoping Ruth is going to share the load of my longer runs so I will have Dave’s company on Mondays and Ruth’s through the week, and looking for company at weekends. My long runs are going to need accompaniment via cycle, or another marathon runner, cos I will hate running 3 hour training sessions, I know that already!!!

Anyway thanks for reading will let you know how I get on with this week next Monday…the day after ½ marathon!!

Incidentally on a slightly different note, did anyone notice Tracy Millmore’s big sister running at the Cathedral Relays this weekend??

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  • Author's Avatar baxter January 13, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Glad to see that more club members are coming on board and supporting Brian's efforts - I'm sure it must be a big help to him, thanks everyone!


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