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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Brian Bailes

June 19, 2017

Masters Champs, Monkton June 17th

Saturday was a great day for me. Always banging the drum for the masters league, but Saturday wasn’t the league, it was a one off championship meeting, and although I only tend to do one event at the league meetings, this time I did two. It was a shame, that there was only Shannel and I competing and Val as results etc but as Lee said, it had been a good drying day. There will have been piles of ironing all over the north east…

As ever, parking always is difficult at Monkton, but at least they still haven’t had the parking ticket machine fixed and the parking sensors make it possible to basically get the car in any space, so that was good, I got there a good 20 minutes before Shannel, so by the time she arrived I was all prepared and had said hello to most of the people in the seating area. There were a lot of people trying to find shade as the temperatures reached mid to high twenties.

What was interesting about this event, was that normally it was just the same as the league meetings, but this time round there seemed to be a lot of other people turned up hoping to win a championship medal. So much so, that in both my races, I didn’t know any of the people in my race. That was good for me, cos it meant I had to race properly. So many times these days you can guess the finishing order at the start cos you all race each other so often. The other thing for me was that looking at the form/predicted times on the entries I was second favourite in the 1500.

The event was starting to fall behind the schedule, so we spent a bit hanging round. Wondering who was going to be in our race. It meant that you had to try to win the whole race outright, cos you didn’t know who was in your age group. Bit more pressure there, and as I explained to one of the lads; I won’t have a plan until 200m till I see what everyone else does!

First up for us was Shannel, with it being championship, the ladies go first… Cos in the masters, we men, are gentlemen. Shannel ran a steady race and finishing with a bronze, came to the start area and tried to explain how hot it was!!! Two races later, I concurred her comment with the temperature. My race started steady, and that worked for me; even at my age, I can still change my pace. So I let the race settle in to a steady pace, and then when we were all sitting comfortable thinking we had our positions decided, I picked up the pace with 500 to go, and stretched the field out. It worked, I won the race, no PB, but it was really warm.

The next competition involving the blue and yellows, was Shannel, in the 400. Far too hot for me in this one, but she managed to improve on her bronze and came away with silver. Then not long after she lined up again for the 200. Ended up with a full set after that, great run and hung on to win gold. Note to Gary… Need that display cabinet in the living room to have a Shannel compartment for all her bling to display.


Following the 200s we had a cameo appearance made by a former member. To be fair, he is still a member in as much as I have family membership. Number one son had come along with number two and Chloe to watch, and after a bit of banter, he decided to enter the open mile. I loaned him my spare shorts and a tee shirt, and he took the spikes off my feet and came 6th out of about 12 in about 5:31. Not bad really…

Anyway, straight after that was the 800’s. My last event, again racing completely unknown quantities, and not knowing what I had left in my legs. I was concerned when we took off as the NS Poly lad who took it on was a tall 6 footer with legs up to his armpits. I just thought if he strides out I am lost here. Again with 500 to go I took it on, and it was head down and work hard to the end. Great relief at the end when I turned and looked back, and was a clear winner. I had worked soooo hard expecting the long legs to catch me, but it was 7 seconds till he arrived at the end. Great feeling, and lots of nice comments at the end, and I went home a happy bunny.


Meanwhile Lee and Rob had had a family day out racing the train in Yorkshire. Apparently both beat the train, so Birtley did well the whole day, well done all of us. 🤗

Shannel results

Brian results

Full results here


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