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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

March 21, 2016

Mixed emotions about this one – Wrekenton Harrier League Report

I still have a fat foot, but feel I am starting to get a bit fitter, although I did struggle in training on Thursday, took it easy back, so I would be OK for the last harrier league at Wrekenton. I was really looking forward to this one.

Once again we arrived at the course to find the tent expertly erected at tent city. The course was quite firm, it was a bit chilly, and there had been a bit drizzle on the way, but that had stopped, so all in all not bad for a run.

There seemed to be a nice atmosphere round the tent, the bairns ran their races while Mrs Young and I wandered round the course, it was a walk to check the route, not a warm up though. We did manage to give the juniors a toot as they ran past us. When we returned to the tent, the ladies had turned up, all erm….mature ladies except for the bairn of the group, Mrs Perkins; The rest were all vets, all competed in the vets championship over the last two years, and came together today to win promotion for Birtley ladies next year.

The women did great today, that is two from slow pack to finish 13 and 32, two from the medium pack, and three from the fast pack, and they all came through brilliantly to be first team on the day, and to win the division and promotion.


Today’s single mention has to be Lyndsey Perkins, who has progressed amazingly over the last couple of months, and ran herself into the medium pack with a 13th place on the day. Well done Lyndsey.

Then the under 17 lads raced in the lead up to the main event *smirk*. The senior men’s race.

This week we had 14 runners, great turnout, I remember occasions when there has been me and maybe two or three others at these races from Birtley. When you have a bigger group out, it seems to generate comeradery and spirit. That is good to be around and part of.

This week we had new runners, and three absentees due to either injury or ailment, but we still managed a strong field. I have to say I was gutted by my performance, I fell running down the gravelly bit at the back of the first hill on the first lap, that was me done!!! Still maintain a record I am proud of, never not finished a race yet; mind you, I have walked a couple, and been in pain at the end of a few!!!


It took me a lap to get going, and I seemed to do ok in the middle, and then the last lap my final mile was the fastest pace of them all, but was wasted by the first two laps…grrrr!! I am hoping that I am now starting to get some form back, my times really upset me and sometimes embarrass me, but after managing a couple of X countries this season, I am hoping for a decent road season, and ultimately want to try a couple on the track this year at the vets league. The running bit doesn’t seem too bad these days, it is the bit after that hurts, and I must admit I still worry when it swells in case it means there is something still wrong.

After the racing, Crook AC ran as a United group one additional lap in memory of one of their members who had recently passed away. Before we left we respectfully watched them set off on the final lap. Our best wishes go to the family and friends left behind by the tragic loss.

Well done to everyone who ran today, and you nearly all managed to take your stuff home with you this week, just one jacket left in the tent. After the day’s racing many of the group went to Durham for a meal, to celebrate teamwork, and the end of the 2015/2016 north east harrier league. Looking forward to next year……….. 😉


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