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Lord Lawson of Beamish

by Val Baxter

September 30, 2014

Redcar Half Report

Well that was my fourth time at Redcar and probably the best conditions I have run it. It is a good (debatable) and fast course. I actually like the course now, it was changed about three years ago, and now it is a very flat course, but set out in a way that when you set out your plan for the race, it is so easy to breakdown into four segments. Also if you have a problem with running long distance you can mentally work on half way there three times.

Explanation? Well you start on the sea front, and run west 3 1/2 miles then traverse a roundabout and retrace the 3 1/2 miles. The roundabout is the halfway point for the first loop, and then you run back and through the start line at 7 miles. That is half the race, then there is a 6 mile loop, heading south .3 miles south, that is the half way point of the second loop, then retrace the route back to the finish. The more mathematically astute of you will perhaps refer to each portion as a quarter but when I am running I like to think of two loops and half ways.

Normally in this race you get sand blasted on the last 3 miles as the ever present strong winds come off the sea and bring most of the beach with it…,but not this year, hardly even a whisper of breeze thankfully.

The race starts early, at 10:00, meaning we have to leave home at 7:45. It is about an hour’s drive, when you drive steady as me (I’m saying nothing cos I don’t want to spoil my chances of a carshare again…), and parking was 10 minutes away from the baggage area, which was 5 minutes from the start.

The race was much smaller than the GNR so no problems getting through the crowds, and after about 200 metres we were into our stride. You could call it boring, running out along the trunk road and back (It was and I did! – Val (and Keith)), but you get to shout for colleagues and club mates if you have the spare breath in your lungs.

My race plan was to run with Val, she was after a PB, and managed it, 3 minutes off her previous best. We shouted for Jamie, Lorna and Ruth together as they ran against us on the first loop, but on the second loop Ruth had pulled away and lead them home. Keith Robertshaw was first in for the club, running a good second loop of the race and finishing 29th overall. Ruth was 9th lady, and Lorna 12th lady so generally all did well. (Since Brian wrote this, we’ve found out that Ruth was 1st v35 lady and Lorna 2nd – well done ladies! Val)

Pictures courtesy of Karen Newton, Crook AC – thanks Karen

The goody bag was decent with the t shirt but the last thing I want in a goody bag was chocolate. Your mouth is dry but they give you a Mars bar?? I understand you need some energy and don’t want to be ungrateful, but it isn’t easy to swallow chocolate after a race.

Heh heh, I had been telling Ruth about the facilities at the start, but when we got there it had been pulled down. Eek sorry, but the new leisure centre was nicer, and did have the same facilities. After the race, we went back to the new leisure centre for baggage where there were showers, massages and warmth if required, but we had just used it to store our belongings.


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